Polka Dot Tunic

I almost forgot about this!  It was one of those happy accidents that actually worked out.  As opposed to most of my accidents which turn out to be well, accidents.  {Take the time I made homemade tomato soup and accidentally quadrupled the basil called for in the recipe.  Not a happy accident.}

But this was one of those rare occurrences when I was making this dress for Madelyn and once it was finished realized, much to my dismay, that it would drown her.  But it happened to make the perfect tunic for Lila.  Whew!  Saved it.

This girl.  I wish you could know her funniness, her serious, her uniqueness.

It's impossible to convey.  I'm sure all mothers feel this way, but I just like her.

Taylor Swifts 22 is her favorite song.  She belts it out and makes up the words she doesn't know.  And she holds both hands in twenty-two position.

Probably only really cute to me and Superman, but still--worth sharing in my book. :)

So that's that.  Happy Friday!  Sorry I've been m.i.a.  Our power was out twice this week for hours.  But I'm working on some fun stuff right now so see ya next week!


  1. Beth, you are so talented! This is super cute...I want to make one for me :)

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