Minty merry & bright

I only sewed one Christmas dress this year.  It seems like favoritism, but really, all of the other kids had ample amounts of clothing and this girl keeps growing lengthwise.  So a Christmas dress went on my to do list.

I had this soft high quality gingham in my stash and it was lovely to sew with.  In the end, things turned out like I envisioned.  Sort of a seven brides for seven brothers meets Christmas 2014 or something.  ;)

I used the Caroline Party Dress sewed in size 4T.  It fit perfectly.

I decided to keep it simple and not do the peter pan collar option, but I had to add pockets.  This is Lila after all.

I always like to sew a Caroline.  {Look at me.  I'm on a first named basis with a pattern. What? :)} The instructions are clear and simple and the zipper tutorial is straightforward and the back matches up nicely.

All in all a successful sew. Lila loves how full the dress is and I think it'll last for a while.

I'll be honest with you.  I took these pictures in front of a funeral home....is that so disrespectful?  Yes.  But I couldn't pass up this minty ish background.  Please stop judging me right now.....No funerals were in session when I took pictures.  I promise!!

I feel like that took us to a weird level of truth.  Let's end this by saying that it's not looking like it will be a very white Christmas here in Idaho.  Weird.  It's been unusually warm, but I can't say that I mind much.  I'm sure God will bless us with triple the snow at some point this winter.  But snow or not, this is a beautiful time of year.  I love celebrating the Savior and I'm always thankful that everyone is a little kinder and a little bit nicer to each other at Christmas.  So Merry Christmas!  I hope your days are minty, merry, and bright!


Today on Crafting Con

So today, I get to compete on crafting con!  Don't tell me you haven't heard of it??  It's a fun. clever series hosted by Friends Stitched Together and Mae & K.  They choose monthly "geek themes" and you make something based off of that theme.  It's like sewing and geekiness blended to make one delicious "maker-iffic" smoothie!

Today Madelyn shows off her hobbit skills:
I actually meant to sign up for the tutoiral section, but I accidently signed up for the competiton slot.  By the time I figured it out, the other slots were taken, and I felt sheepish, so I rolled with it. Plus I'll have a tutorial out at some point.  Huzzah!

And Ugg.  I'm totally sounding braggy to say this and I'm sorry in advance.  But I love the way this look turned out.  Not for the sake of competition, but for me!  Madelyn wears it and she loves it!  It's just so exciting when something turns out like I envisioned!  That happens like never.  So this is a deal and a half.  It's gotta be one of the best things I've ever made.  I worked hard and I worked with what I know.

Honestly and promisely, if I had to pick my favorite thing that I've ever sewn, it would be this.  But don't take my word for it {Whoa, did I just quote Reading Rainbow? holla!} check the full look out over yonder.


Matinee Circle Peplum

This girl.  I can't even.  She's just so something.

She comes into our bedroom at 1am begging for milk, she practices winking in her spare time, and she adds "ee" to the end of everything.  Moon-ee, sad-ee, book-ee, lunch-ee.  You get the idea.  It's the age of adorable/stinker-ism.  You know.  The you just made a big mess but how can I be mad because you just gave me a big hug said, "Wawweee, Mommy" {that's Madelynese for sorry} and asked me if I'll "nuggle" you stage?  The best and the worst. :)

Plus her wild hair.  Oh Madelyn.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Except for when you poured paint on the brand new carpet.  I'd change that....

Chubby toddlers are so fun to dress, aren't they?  I especially love this particular squish in peplums, so I used the Matinee dress and drafted a circle peplum bottom to go with.  I love knit peplums, but cotton is so fun too!  {Fabric from Joann}

I've said it before, but this is a lovely pattern.  Jenn already has a ruffled peplum, but I wanted to switch things up by doing a semi-circle.  I just heart the way it hangs.  :)

I got carried away and stuck buttons down the whole thing.  {It wasn't really necessary, not sure why I did it that way??}

Anyway, I love this little squish of mine through the ups and downs of toddler-hood.  And the addition of a cute top definitely doesn't hurt her cause. :)


Anthro Knock off: take two

We got our first big snowstorm last week, so our weekend was full of playing in the snow, shoveling the driveway, hot cocoa, and the general coziness that can only come from snow. I'm tellin' you I almost busted out the Christmas music, but I don't wanna get ahead of myself. ;)  

So the irony of me typing about this summery shirt I made for Lila in July is not lost on me.

I wanted to recreate a kid version of this shirt that I made for myself last year.

I think my verdict is that it's much cuter on a kid than it is on me. ;)  but isn't anything cuter on kids than it is on adults.  Let's just face it.

My apologies in advance for the summery line up you'll see this week!  But at least it's pretty all the same!


Halloween 2014: For the love of Frozen

As a parent, it's funny how your life shifts from being wrapped around what you and your spouse like, to what your kids like.  When Superman and I were first married, it was about us.  And our popcorn.  We did our thing.  Which basically consisted of watching our edited version of The Office, sleeping, and enjoying hefty portions of steak for dinner.  We did not understand couples with kids who thought kid shows like Kung Fu Panda were funny.  We'd sit back in our holier than though-ish way thinking, "Listen to all those crazy people, quoting kids movies, watching kids movies, supporting the return of Strawberry Shortcake and all the other evil shows for kids."

Ok I'm exxagerating, but you get the picture, we were kid show snobs.  We were so sophisticated.

But then you become a parent and little by little, show by show, toy by toy, you become immersed in the beautifully colorful world of kidhood.

And suddenly kid stuff becomes funny.  You start thinking, "That movie is hilarious." Because your kids are laughing and you're laughing because they're laughing.  And you start quoting the movies in a "Gru" voice, you're downloading the soundtracks, and even singing the songs from your children's evil battery operated toys.  {Off the top of my head I'm thinking of "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple it's a rainbow!" from the picnic basket toy in the corner.}  And you learn to tolerate it for their sakes.

And then one day you face the twinkle twinkle little star music and think, "I actually like this stuff!" You notice shows and toys that teach your children a lesson, that slide in clever little bits of humor.   You think, "Aw, Charlie is so sweet to his sister Lola." or "Shucks, that Captain Hook just needs a friend.  Thanks Jake and his Crew." ;) And you x out the really really lame shows.  {Martha Speaks, I'm talkin' to you}

One day I said to a woman from my church. "Your daughter looks so much like Astrid from How to Train your Dragon."  And she looked at me like, "What?" She didn't know what I was talking about.  That's when I realized that she has teenagers and she doesn't watch kid shows.  She's in the horrible Vampire/teenage-drama/distopian-loving era.  That's a post for someday.....

And so while we're in this stage, we dress our kids up in costume from movies that they love and that we secretly enjoyed too.

And I'm sure I'll forget someday how much our world revolved around ridiculous movies that they loved.  But for now, I'll remember seeing how much Ezra giggles at Olaf and seeing Superman chuckle at the same time whenever Olaf says, "I've been impaled."

And who knows, maybe next year, we'll think outside the disney box.  :)  Hope your Halloween was fanstastico.  I'll leave you where I started; with the kids and Ezra doing whatever he's doing in this picture that makes me laugh.

Find all the DIY costumes:


Frozen Costume Inspiration: Baby Olaf

Still munching on old Halloween candy here.  It's therapeutic as I write about a costume that almost knocked the sewing wind out of me.  Who'd have thought such a lovable little character could almost do me in?
The concept was easy enough, but I procrastinated and sewed it on Halloween.  That was the mistake.  I actually like sewing costumes, but I think next year if I sew any, I'll be doing it much earlier so that I can enjoy the day a little more.

I found a few Olaf ideas online and I was tempted to try peekaboo patterns free costume, but I felt like the pattern was meant for an older baby who could sit up and walk. Sophia is still a little thing and she's definitely wobbly.  SO I wanted to do a nice cozy sleeper style costume.
So I turned to a trusty old patterns and modified them to create a little Olaf.  I used the gernaium dress bodice {in size 3-6m} only I extended it down for quite a ways using an existing baby sleeper as my guide.  I sewed it all together in the same way that the pattern tells you to.  This made it so I didn't have to finish off any necklines or sleeves.  I also added a hood from this beach robe pattern.  Once it was all connected, I sewed the bottom of the front middle section {rst} about 5 inches leaving the top open so that I could get the baby in the costume.  I sewed some velcro on both sides so that it would close.
Then I sewed the bottom together from the left side to the right side.  It was four layers, so it took some moxy, but all in all it turned out.  I glued on the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and buttons.  And viola.  Olaf....the snowman/baby/goose/unicorn. ;)

It worked when she was sitting up and or when she was accompanied by her fellow Frozenee's.  Look! Superman conducting serious business as he finalizes our Halloween plans over the phone.

Because it's very scary stuff.
{Fabric was nike fleece sort of stuff from my Mom's stash.}  


Frozen Costume Inspiration: Kristoff

Apparently Kristoff is spelled with a K. Who knew right?  Probably Anne Shirley.  Remember?  Katherine with a K instead of a C?  Anyone?

Ok, fine.  I'll keep my stock of Anne quotes to myself.

I should probably start this costume explaination off by saying that I was hard pressed to get Ezra excited about being Kristoff.  He really wanted to be Hans.

"But Hans is the bad guy."

"Ya, I wanna be the bad guy."

We had that conversation at least 800 times.  But I won in the end because we watched Frozen and I showed Ezra that Kristoff really is cool because he cuts ice for a living and he has a reindeer..... {?}  Or I won because I pulled the mom card...something like that.

This costume was a little trickster.  Sewing strips of fur is my least favorite thing to do.  Officially.  Also sewing with sparkly tulle.  And cleaning toilets.  But let's move on.  In the end, I really thought Ezra looked pretty cute in his Kristoff get-up.  Even though I made the neck too wide and so the collar kept flopping down.  {Let's not focus on that.  or the fact that this next picture has no focus.  His face was just so cute.}

Peek-a-boo patterns has a pattern for Kristoff, but I wanted to add sleeves.  Becuase I really like to make things hard.  No but really, because it was in a size 2T and Ezra is 3T/4T and because I wanted sleeves that would be lined.  I figured that would contain the demon fur so that I didn't actually have to stitch it because it would be cushioned in between layers.

I used a shirt that fit him and just kid of winged it.  The entire thing is lined, so no exposed furry seams.  I lined the bottom of the collar and the front with fushia and purple knit with a zig zag stitch because that seemed Kristoffy  {read: easier to zig zag with knit}  It was the day before Halloween and I really didn't wanna go trim hunting, so I just used the fushia color and tied it around his cute little waist.  He wasn't crazy about the costume that night, but he owned it the next day.  I wish I'd thought to get some rope as a prop, but pshhh.  Who needs rope when you're trick or treating?

The hat I threw together right before we walked out the door.  It was a little tight, but I used an existing hat and just rolled with it.  He wore black sweat pants and a black turtle neck underneath.  Nice and cozy.  I only got a few normal pictures of that boy and he was gone.  So that's all I've got.

Not sure of this explanation was very helpful, but oh well.  You get to see a cute little Kristoff anyway.  :)

{PS. All fabric is knit or fleece from my stash.}


Frozen Costume Inspiration: Anna

It's kinda cute how Madelyn loves Anna.  Not sure why she gravitated towards Anna over Elsa.  But then again, she's only two and I'm not really ever sure what goes on in the mind of this particular two year old.  Like when I come into the kitchen to find her standing on the counter dipping wet crayons into a cup of water and tasting them, I just have to tell myself, "She's two and two year olds are crazy."  Oh wait, sorry, this is a post about Anna, not about the fact that my two year old thinks wet crayons are a delicacy.  Pardon me.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Madelyn really likes Anna.  She says her name all the time, "Anna, Anna, Anna!" in a demanding sort of way.  As if she's expecting the real Anna to appear out of thin air or something.

So you can imagine her delight when she saw her very own Anna dress.  In all its simplified glory.

She took to the dress quite nicely.  The bottom skirt is a circle skirt, just like Elsa's, attatched to a blue shirt that I sewed using a shirt of Madelyn's as a guide.

Then I used the geranium pattern to make the black top and I lined it with gold knit.  Of course, it wasn't perfectly accurate and kind acted more like a sweater than it was supposed to, but it is just a costume after all.

I don't have a cutting machine, so cutting by hand had to be simple and you can bet I wasn't gonna take the time to embroider.  So literally at 2:30 on Halloween afternoon, I cut out a few simple Ana dress-ish stencils out of freezer paper stencils, and painted them on in whatever colors where available.  I told Superman they look like a green bull horn to me, but did Madelyn care?  Of course not.  She eats crayons for a living.  Whoops!  There I go bringing up crayons again.  Sorry sorry.

For the cape thing I just cut out a long rectangle with a rounded top, folded the rounded part over and sewed on some pom pom ish trim.  Then I sewed a button on one side and an elastic loop on the other.

Again, none of this was technically acurate, but boy this girl was happy.  And the hand-me-down boots from Target definitely added just the right Anna touch.  ;)

Halloween was one swell night for this gal.  She definitely stuffed some chocolate in her faaace!

{All fabric from my stash or from Joann Fabric & Crafts.}


Frozen Costume Inspiration: Elsa

It's true.  Lila joined the ranks of all the other Elsa's who swarmed the streets on Halloween. Luckily she had this bright metallic knit that I used on top to be able to differentiate her from the rest of the snow queen pack. Whew! ;)
I don't know if I know another child as suited to be Elsa than Lila.  I mean, when the ol' Disney-machine came up with Frozen, it's like they used Lila's personality as a jumping point.  {All magical powers aside of course.}  PS, the chair in this picture kills me. :)  I didn't even notice it, but now.  Wow, a chair.  Shoulda moved that sucker....anyway...

Lila is a little stiff and formal and a touch serious, but she's very sweet and has quite a sense of humor once you get to know her. Takes her a minute to "warm up."  Get it?  Am I funny or what?
I'm not going to give a complete tutorial for this or any of the costumes this year because quite frankly, I ran out of time and tutorials take a lot outta me.

But I'll give a basic run down.  

I made a knit circle skirt for the base.  Because it's knit, I made some changes I extended the length to reach down to the feet and I made the opening smaller because it's knit and that's stretchy. 
For the shirt, I used one of Lila's knit shirts as a guide for the knit top and sleeves.  Then I used a contrasting sparkly/soft knit and continued with the pattern from the bottom of the armpit hole down. 
For the cape, I sewed it around the back and under the armpit once everything was finished.

And I sewed two ponytail holders to the bottom of each side of the cape, so that Lila could hold it up while she walked.  No sense giving her something to worry about when candy should be the only thing on the brain.  
I did not hem anything because it's knit and it's a cotsume.  fist pump.  

She's had this cotsume for almost 2 months and it has held up well.  That's the power of knit my friends.  

And that's it.  One Frozen costume explanation down and three to go.  

{All fabrics from Joann Fabric & Crafts} 

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