KCW: Skipper Tops {with some bling love}

I have a minor case of gold fever.  I've gone from my eleven year old, gold is so eighties to what I am today, a played down version of King Midas. I like a bit of it here and there....and sometimes everywhere, when it comes to kids clothes.  {Remember this outfit or this shirt.}  A touch of {tasteful} bling never heard anybody, in my humble-slightly-unfashionable opinion.  :)

Which is why I sewed up some skipper tops for Kids Clothes Week and added just a touch of heart bling.

This is probably obvious from this review, but the skipper top is one of my favorite patterns with clear, helpful instructions on sewing with knits and tons of options.

I sewed the "banded" option, with this mystery walmart knit.  I bought two yards a long time ago and I have used it for so many projects, some blogged about, some not.  It's thicker {almost like a sweater knit, but not quite} which made it perfect for a winter shirt.  And apparently, Lila had some pre-olympics pride goin' on in this picture.  I dunno.

I used Tulips Iron-on Sparkle Transfer paper.  I've used this a few times now, and I really like it.  Plus the sparkles don't come off once it's ironed on.  {Something Superman greatly appreciates.}

I haven't meant to go so "matchy-matchy" for these girls lately, but I liked the look of the first shirt, so why mess with a good thing?  Plus, they like matching for now.

SO I guess I'll kick back and enjoy that fact until they're teenagers. :) Or until one sister gets strangled....ahem.  Either way.

kid's clothes week


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