Neck Ed: How to take in a dolman style neck

Welcome to day one of:
Now I'm no expert, but I found that this was the easiest shirt to fix in this series.  The reason being that dolman style tops usually have a lot of excess fabric and give.  Take this example.  The shirt had a lot of room under the arms.  I've always had to wear a cami under it becuase it was just a little too wide for comfort and it shifted a lot--making it uncomfortable to wear.

So I figured. why not take the neckline in just a touch?  And the results ended happily!  #itsamiracle
{Note: yeshhhh....the shirt above is different than the tutorial shirt.  I did this "project" on a few different dolman style tops, so the result is the same, sorry to confuse you.  :)}

Ok, all you've gotta do is take your {ahem...wrinkly} shirt
Turn it inside out
And pin down each shoulder/arm seam.  {Now you'll want to measure how much to take in, but I took this one up about 1.5 inches.}  Ignore that sad, lost green pin on the left--what in the world?
Now just sew down one both sides.  Can't see the thread?
Here you go.  :) The trick with this is just making sure that the neckline hem seams and the arm hem seams match up--that'll make this "mend" less noticeable. :)
Now just trim your excess fabric and you're in business!
One shirt down, three to go! 
Hip hip!

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