Project Run & Play: 2 wrongs making a right

Sometimes, we come across those rare cases where two wrongs do actually make a right.  In this case it was two skirts doing what they usually do when I try to sew for myself.  Flopping.  Belly flop style.

Skirt number one {in obvious need of ironing} was originally a dress purchased for $2.50 that was too short.  So naturally, I tried to fudge it into a skirt with little success and one wear to its name.

Skirt number two was the result of a more recent attempt at a tulle skirt for myself gone sour.  I made a few key mistakes {something about not measuring my body correctly and consequently being unable to pull the skirt up over my behind....ya...something like that}

So after spending some quality time at the back of my closet, these two skirts are making a second debut as:

A chambray shirt and a real tulle skirt.  Or two skirts trying to repent of previous wrong-doings.  I'm all about second chances.

Project Run & Play's Week Three Challenge was to use old or recycled materials to make something.  So what better way to help out a couple skirts down on their luck?

I thought the denim style skirt would make a perfect chambray style shirt for Lou.

When I finished sewing it, I felt like it was cute as it was and Lila liked it, but to increase wearabilty by 100000%, I painted some polka dots on it.

Talk about insta-love. :)  {By the by, please excuse Lila's robot face and hands on hip stance.  She was really into this pose....}

The tulle skirt stayed a tulle skirt with a huge revamp--it's smaller and better and all around cuter because

1}It fits her and 2}A four year old is pretty much cute wearing anything.

Nothing better then giving some sad old clothes some new life and not having to spend a dime whilest doing it, right?


  1. I just love this outfit! The polka dots on the shirt compliment the look so well! :D

  2. Okay.....that is really, really cute!!

  3. the whole outfit is lovely! Did that whole shirt come from the skirt? It had more fabric that it seemed!! Love the skirt too! I love this week's challenge. I also linked up;o) a recycled sweater! Emily@nap-timecreations.com

  4. This is great! I love the polka dots.

  5. Beth! Why have I never seen little Lila wearing this darling outfit? Perhaps it's because the child has too many clothes! Darling post!

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