What's Coming in 2014 and a post sprinkled with random pictures

Well here we are again then!  I didn't get run over by a reindeer over the holidays or anything.  :)  I actually took a lovely guiltless blog break and had such a nice time with friends and family.  Consequently, we also caught what felt like every sickness known to man...but I digress.
{random Christmas morning picture.  :)}

I have come to a very important conclusion about myself.  I am a bad blogger.  I'm a bad blogger for the same reason that I was up late last night cooking and eating a rather large batch of brownies all by myself.  I have no self discipline.  I've discovered that to be really good in the world of blogging, you have to work really hard and comment on other blogs, and market and link-up and sign up and share and find sponsors and ya.  It just isn't me and it's really not the point of why I blog.  Is it weird that I don't want my blog to be popular?  I'm really happy being tiny and obscure.  And I promise I'm not just saying that.  :)  I like the security and simplicity of doing my own projects on my own time without feeling pressure.  I've noticed a lot of bloggers burning out and it sort of seems like it's because they set a really high pace for themselves.  So I'm gonna just take things slow.  I also feel like I'd take being a good wife and mother over being an excellent blogger, ya know?  Some women can do both very well, I'm just not one of them.  :)

That being said, I do have big plans for this year.  Did you hear me?  Big plans.  I'm taking 2014 by the bull horns people!  I have lots of things going on in my life and on the blog and I'm excited.  Now ofttimes, when creative bloggers say something like, "I have big plans for the blog!" that means they're doing something really cool like speaking at a conference, releasing a pattern, planning a fun series with fab guest posters.  No such luck here.  :)  I'm still relatively shy in my corner of the internet, but I do have some fun bloggity things that I've been working on.

The part I'm most excited about is that they're primarily selfish things that I've wanted to do.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about what would interest other people to read, but I just can't blog that way--I really am too selfish and time with my family is too precious.  So I've got several projects that interest me and I'm hoping that it won't bore you completely.  :)
So here's to a fresh, happy, productive year!  Hope your year is already rockin'!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. A lot of the time I enjoy reading the small blogs even more than the big ones. I actually sit down and read through the posts. With some of the big blogs who put up something new every day I probably only read one post in ten, and maybe skim one or two. Maybe less blogging gives your posts more quality? I'm excited to see what you make this year :)

  2. We are so on the same page with this whole blogging thing. I look forward to seeing what you have planned. Thanks again for participating in my Sew a Song of Christmas series.

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