KCW: A long story and an A-line dress

You know when you brush your teeth and then have a sip of orange juice.  Sour, am I right?  Well that was my mood for the first half of this week.  Because it was Kids Clothes Week and I actually sewed some clothes early in the week.  {when does that ever happen?}  And I went to take some pictures, only to realize that my camera battery was dead and I had lost my camera battery charger.

So I searched.  And I cleaned.  I cleaned eeeeeeeverything.  Like everything.  No closet was left unturned.  No drawer unemptied.  Which of course meant that they all had to be re-organized in the process.  I could not for the life of me find that charger.  I prayed, I whined, and I pouted. And then I cleaned some more.  I sent my kids on "Charger hunts" where they would call out, "charger! Where are you?"  Futile?  Yes.  But for some reason, it gave me comfort.  Mwahahaha!  :)

One night, Superman joked that the way to get me to really deep clean the house, was to hide something that I really wanted.  The comment naturally made me accuse him of hiding my charger.  For the next day and a half, I secretly believed that he hid it on purpose to get me to do "cleaning projects" that had been on my list for months.  However, I demanded he give up the chargers hiding place to no avail.  It was nowhere to be found.

I had cleaned and recleaned.  And while my house was starting to look pretty darn good, I couldn't focus.  I mean, I know chargers aren't even that expensive, but I just wanted to find it, you know?  I was starting to lose my marbles.  I finally gave up and {for the sake of my sanity} was on the brink of ordering a new one, when my mom called.  I said hello.  She mentioned that I sounded a bit.....cranky.  I said, yes.  Yes I was cranky.  I had lost the camera battery charger and {not unlike my two year old toddler} I was pouting about it.  "Oh Bethy {she calls me Bethy, cute huh?} there's an extra charger right here on my computer desk.  We couldn't figure out who it belonged to, but we've never seen it before."  Say What??!?!  That's when it donned on me that the last time I'd used the charger was at my parents house at Christmas time when all of my siblings were in town.

But hey, the upside is that my house is super clean.  Really.  Pick a drawer, any drawer.  Also, in an effort to apologize to my family {particularly Superman} for acting like a bit of a monster myself, I said sorry in the form of cookie monsters.  You know, cookie monsters?  I'll have to post the recipe sometime.  :)  They forgave me, by the way.

Ahem...sorry, long story.  I just had to purge myself of it.

Anyway, I'm done.  SO.

One of the things I made for Kids Clothes Week was a simple A-line dress.

I didn't use a pattern and that's probably obvious, because it's a bit big on top.

But for some reason, Lila really likes this dress, so who cares if it's a little big, right?  :)  Right.

{View from the back.....obviously}

I got this fabric from Joann Fabrics last yearish.  And my goal for KCW was to use stuff from my stash, so this worked.

And that's really all that I have to say.  Congratulations on getting through.  No really.  You should win a medal or something.

kid's clothes week


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