Neck Ed: Fixing a boat neck shirt

We're onto shirt number 3 in the Neck Ed. Series.  Don't get too excited.

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Semi funny story about this shirt.
I wore it to Superman's Christmas work party in December.  It was the first time I'd worn it and I threw it on really quickly because I was in a hurry.  Throughout the party, I kept adjusting my neckline thinking, "What the heck is wrong with my shirt?"  I could barely eat my food {the real tragedy} because I was constantly having to hold the gaping neck closed and the gaping back.  And the front was so itchy.  I finally excused myself to go to the bathroom only to discover that my shirt was on backwards.  Indeed, indeed, indeed.  Story of my life, I tell you.  I flipped it around and it wasn't quite so gapey, but it still went on my list as a shirt that I wanted to fix so I could be perfectly comfortable at my husbands work party {that I will probably never be invited to again because my shirt was backwards.  Who does that?}  

Anyway, it's already got a boat neck, so it was a pretty easy fix.  And  I thought I'd share, just in case anyone had the same style of shirt.  {Though I'm not implying that you discovered the problem when you wore it backwards...I'm sure that's just a "me" thing.}
Carefully unpick the front should seams about an inch.  
Re-adjust by bringing just a little more material than it originally had.

In this picture, the red line is where the shirt was originally sewn and the pin is how much I was taking in {about an inch}
And sew along the top of the back shoulder.

As I said, it's a quick fix and it makes the shirt 10x more comfortable to wear because I'm not continually having to adjust.  Now if I could just stop putting my shirts on backwards....


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