Neck Ed: How to turn a regular neckline into a boat neckline {tutorial}

Welcome back to Neck Ed.
If you missed the previous posts, check out the intro and the first shirt in the series.

Today, we're talkin' boat necks.  

Some shirts are super gapey at the top and have a little extra room underneath the arms.  Like so:
If this is the case, the shirts can be made into a boatneck style shirt with a few easy steps.  

Now there are a few ways to make a boat neck, and I'm not sure if this is the "proper" way or not, but this is what worked for me, so we're rollin' with it.  

If you're unfamiliar with a boatneck style neckline, it's basically a wide neckline that extends all the way to the the shoulder seam.  Like this:

Some boatnecks extend more towards the front shoulder or towards the back shoulder as well.

To make a boatneck shirt of your own.  Start with your shirt.
Carefully cut the arms {or if you're feeling extra careful, unpick the stitch by using your seam ripper.}
Now take your should seams and cut {or seam rip} them
At this point, you'll want to determine {if you haven't already} just how much of the neck you'll want to "take in."  I took my neckline in by about 1.5 inches.  Whatever number you decided on is how much you'll need to cut off of the front shoulder.  
Now bend the back shoulder {that you didn't cut} over the top of the front should {that you did cut} so they're overlapping.
{Close-up of one shoulder, just in case you weren't gettin' the idea.  :)}
And sew carefully over the top so that the shoulder won't move. 
Re-insert the sleeve by flipping the shirt inside out and keeping the sleeve right side out.  
Insert the sleeve inside the sleeve hole
Make sure that the armpit seams match
And start pinning from there
Until you've pinned all the way around
Then sew around where you've pinned
And trim off any excess fabric
And viola! 
A shirt that stays on my shoulders and that needs to be ironed.  Woot-hoot!


  1. What a fun series you've been doing--definitely helpful for me! Thanks Bethany!

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