Project Run & Play: If at first you don't succeed....

Shucks.  Have you ever wanted to get something right?  So right when it comes to sewing?  I'm way into pull over shawl collars for boys right now.  And I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to make one for Ezra."  Ya, right.  Fun.  I scoured the blog world, youtube, google.  Nothing.  Because apparently, a shawl collar means different things to different people.  I was looking specifically for a knit fabric pullover.  I found a pattern on etsy, but it quite have the shape or style I was looking for.  I found one picture of what I was looking for.  One.  I couldn't wrap my head around what the collar shape would be, so I made mock up after mock up with little success.  I even made Superman take a break from working on our basement just to try to help me figure it out.  {Which was a thrill for him, believe me}  In the end, this is what I came up with:

I almost tossed it, I was so frustrated.  {Ezra's crabby face shows a portion of my crabbiness during this project.  :)}

Don't get me wrong, I'm not fishing for compliments.  It turned out ok.  I'm not trying to be mean to myself or make a big deal out of nothing.  It is what it is.  I just wanted it to look better than it did.  You know?  More polished, more professional.  It pulls and puckers a bit too much for my liking.  It just didn't turn out the way I envisioned it.  And come on, it's uneven?!?!?!  I guess that's what sewing is about when you're an imperfect seamstress, right?  :)

I almost didn't link it up to the PR&P sew-along, but it does still represent my signature style, even if it's not sewn perfectly.  :)  I love sewing old fashioned clothes with a twist to make them more modern and preppy, especially when it comes to boys.  

And believe me, once I get over this first frustration, Ima keep tryin' this shawl collar thing.  

Oh!  Listen to me?  The pants.  Sheesh, I was so busy boo-hooing about the shirt that I almost forgot to mention them.  I started with Peek-a-boo Patterns Skinny Jeans. {affiliate link}  It's a great pattern, but I modified it to make everything fit a little more snug as a bug to give it a skater look.  {The houndstooth fabric was a gift from my sister in law.}

And that's all--I'm done.  OK, just one more, because really someday, I will conquer you, shawl collar.


  1. I love the black and white pants. They are special since you don't see them in ready to wear, and fit your son so well. Great job (from a former Home Ec Teacher)

  2. Those pants are awesome!! I really didn't notice the uneveness of the shawl until you pointed it out! I wont say it isn't there, just proving that we are our own worst critics!! So glad you linked up! That boy of yours sure is cute!

  3. The shirt is cute and comfy. I didn't notice the uneveness. The pants are awesome!

  4. I think it looks great...way to tackle it without a pattern! I think there is one out there called a Bimaa that has a shawl collar. I've just seen it on blog land and have not actually sewed it up.

    1. No way, the Bimaa has a shawl collar option? Woohoo! Thanks for the tip--I'll look into that!

  5. http://www.etsy.com/listing/161313473/bimaa-sweater-pdf-sewing-pattern-hoodie?ref=shop_home_feat_2

    This has a shawl collar option!


    And this. Love that houndstooth!

    1. Tara! Thank you! I'm embarrassed that I didn't even know these existed. Sheesh! Totally going to check these patterns out! :)

  6. I really like this style, those black and white pants are delicious.


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