Ruffled Heart Onesie {Tutorial}

Awwww....I'm all sentimental about this because it was one of the first projects I ever did specifically for this blog.  And then I promptly forgot about it because Valentines Day came and went.  Better late than never, I guess {does that still apply if it's a year late?  I mean really.}

Anyway, it seems like this is the time of year that long sleeve onesies and shirts go on sale, but they usually have lots of holiday oriented words one them.  Thus rendering them useless after said holiday passes.  For example...

To fix it, you'll need:

  • A onesie, or a shirt
  • Strips {of knit, preferably, I also used tulle}
  • One paper
  • Additional fabric to make a heart to sew the ruffles on
  • Pins and a sewing machine, naturally  :)

Start with your onesie and make a paper heart that fits inside the onesie with at least one inch of onesie material surrounding.

Fold the onesie in half like this

Place the heart like so and cut

So it looks like this

Now cut a heart one inch bigger than the paper heart out of other material.  I used felt which I believe was a huge mistake as felt doesn't hold up very well in the wash, am I right?  If I were going to do it again I'd use a cotton or even fleece, just something that is softer and holds up better.  Anyway, make that heart and ruffle a few strips of fabric.

Pin the ruffles to the heart

And sew onto the heart

Now pin the heart onto the onesie

And sew it to the onesie

Turn the shirt inside out and you're done

And if this makes it easier, here is a chart, so pin away if you want to and have a great day!


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