Testing The Betty Skirt

We've been lucky enough to be doing some testing around here lately.

The only "fun" kind of testing that exists--pattern testing!  When that very kind/talented pack of siblings {who make me miss my own sisters so much} Shaffer Sisters asked if I'd be a Betty Skirt Pattern tester, I was pretty pumped.

The skirt is cute and versatile with clear, easy to understand instruction.  This pattern has options for pleated, gathered, plackets--the works, but putting it together is quite simple.  {And that coming from me, is saying a lot.}

I sewed the "gathered with placket" option and I must say, I kind of love the cute vintage-ness style of the skirt. :)  The instructions also have lots of little tips and tricks that show you how to sew things the right way.  :)  Like, it taught me how to properly sew a placket--it's a miracle!  Can't complain about learning somethin' new, right!?

I let Lila pick fabric from my stash {from Joann/Joann's a yearish ago}, so of course it has pink and naturally, she loves it. :)  I sewed it in the 3T size {Lila is 4, but she's fairly petite} and the fit was spot on.

I'm still planning on sewing up a couple more {or ten} of these cute little skirts.  {A pleated one is definitely begging to be created.}  But serrrriously--with so many options, it's hard not to want to make a few dozen.  :)

Anyway, Shaffer Sisters released their Betty Skirt ebook today and it's only $5 for this weekend only.  The sale ends on Sunday and then the pattern will be $9 {which is actually still a pretty good price for what you're getting...just sayin'}.  I'm not trying to sound salesy, I just thought I'd pass the word along in case you wanna snatch this little gal up.  :)

In other news, I burned my arm.  Again.  I know right?  Only this time it was the frying pan.  I promise I'm not doing this on purpose.

At this point, I'm just looking for sympathy in any form.  :)  Also, I've had a bit of the winter blues goin' on lately.  I've just been feeling a little "blah," so if you have any good anti-"blah" advice, send it my way.

And that's all.  Have a happy weekend!

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