Project Run & Play: The Cheeky Cherished Cheetah

Oh Project Run & Play, how you suck me in every blasted season.  :)

The Week One Challenge was "Put Me in the Zoo" and I just happened to have some old pajama pants of the animal print status that were sitting in the sewing pile.  I always called them my cheetah pants and I haven't worn them in years.  So when I saw the challenge, I cooked up this little number.

My cheeky cherished cheetah.  I'm going all cha cha cha on you.

I say cheeky because figuring out how to put the whole outfit together was tricky business.

And when I googled cheetah print, I realized that the fabric was actually a leopard print, but Lila loves Cheetah's "because they're so fast, Mom!"  So we'll just let her think it's cheetah, ok?

I used cherished in the name too because, like I said, Lila expressed her die-hard love for Cheetah's.  And I love Lila and I was tickled that the final result turned out.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I used the Geranium dress as a base and then I adjusted some of the measurements to make it a snug peplum style jacket and added a peter pan collar.

I lined it with the animal print.  The material is a super soft but not too thick minky style fabric {perfect for our chilly Idaho springs.}

I also added heart patches on the arms.  As a sort of pledge of Lila's love.  :)  {Also, I knew she'd wear it if it had hearts on it.}

For the pants, I decided to let Lila get in touch with her edgy side....ok, she doesn't really have an edgy side, but you get the picture.

I started with Peek-a-boo patterns skinny jeans.  I like this pattern as is, but I had to adjust it quite a bit because of the pleather material I used.  Lila really loved them, which surprised me because, ya know, they're not leggings.  But she kept saying how comfortable they were.  Whew!

By the by, I wish you could have seen Superman's reaction to the pants.  It was like, "Oh hey 80's."  And although it took me a while to reassure him that Lila was not going on a motorcycle trip, I think he came around when he saw how much Lila loved the outfit.  Especially the jacket.  I've seriously never seen her be so tickled about anything I've sewn.  Highly gratifying, I must admit.

{Oh, and I should mention that I didn't make the shirt.  Full discretion and all that.  It's from walmart.  But Lila didn't need a shirt, so it worked. }

Anyway, we let our little cheetah take a prowl in the jungle.

And then we lost her to a world of lady bug discovery.

So we called it "good" on the photo shoot.  :)  And I'm gonna call it good on this unintentionally long post.  Happy hunting, little cheetah!

Fabric Run Down
Outer Jacket: Cream Wrinklease fabric from Joann Fabric & Crafts bottomweights section
Jacket Lining: Repurposed from my stash
Heart Patches: Brown Suede from Joann Fabric & Crafts
Jacket Buttons:  Walmart
Pants: Pleather from Joann Fabric & Crafts found in the costume section
Shirt: Walmart


A little project announcement

The kids are in bed, Superman is out saving the world, and here I am with a creamsicle.  Sounds like the perfect time for me to break my blogging silence.  Just let me finish this amazingness on a stick.  Ok.  Done.  Let's go.

Our computer is still dead.  Right now, we're in the process of extracting and revitalizing it.  My parents were kind enough to let me use their lap top, so I'm getting re-used to the macs of my youth.  {my parents are die hard mac lovers, by the way.  Die hard.}

So all of the projects that I have previously sewn or prepped to blog about have been put on hold.  And that's fine.  It's been a good break.

But there's one little project I should probably clue you in on. 
Yup, yup, yup.  We're gonna have a baby!  I know, right?

And it's a girl!  This was me today mastering the art of the bathroom selfie....before I ate dinner.  
You should see how much I grow once I eat--let's just say that the shirt that I was wearing doesn't fit anymore.  Also, let's all take a moment of silence for the bags under my eyes.  

Thank you.  Let's move on.

I wanna say that I'm 23/24 weeks along, but truth be told, I can't remember.  And it's so nice not to remember!  Pregnancy is beautiful, but sometimes the "counting down" makes things drag.  I've always wanted to remember that I was pregnant, but not be thinking about it all the time, does that make sense?  When I was pregnant with Madelyn, all I did was think about it.  It's all I wanted to talk about and concentrate on because I was in a lot of pain.  This time around has been so relaxing and calm.  I still hurt, I still had morning sickness, I still walk into a room and can't remember why the heck I'm in there, but somehow, I forget that it's because I'm pregnant.  It's been a really nice blessing.  :)  And forgive me if I sound flippant.  Having a baby is something that I know some women aren't able to do and I don't take that lightly.  I'm just thankful that I haven't felt burdened. 

Now if you're the type who has already pulled out your calculator and done the math, then yes you nosey biddy ;), you're right, we do tend to have our babies close.  But believe it or not, this is our longest space in between kids.  A whole 21 months!  :)  We are beyond excited that it's a girl.  I'll admit, I was surprised because I just had boy on the brain--boy nursery planning, boy baby names, boy, boy, boy--so I had to ask the ultra-sound tech to double check, just for my sanity.  :)  But she assured me, "It is definately, definately a girl."  We feel very blessed.

In blog land, if posts slow down, people seem to assume that you're either deathly ill or pregnant.  I think it's funny.  I've known that we've been expecting since the first of November, so I feel like the pace here has slowed enough and I feel good.  I still plan on posting once or twice a week, if and when our computer gets put back into commission....whenever that will be.  

So for now, Superman and I hope and pray for a healthy, strong baby {she's due the day after my b.day--what a fun present that would be!} Lila hopes and prays that we name her Belle, Mary, Scarlowie, Sarah, or Syra {I think that last one had to do with the pancakes on her syrup this morning...}. Ezra hopes the baby will magically turn into a boy.  And Madelyn, well, she's got no idea what's coming.  Good thing we've got a few more months to prepare.  :) We're about to go all baby town on this blog, so gear up!  :)


Just checking in...

This is just to say that I'm alive.  I am well aware that your lives do not revolve around this blog.  {And let's face it, if your life did revolve completely around this blog, I might be a little weirded out...just sayin'}.  But I just thought I'd check in for a minute.  

Our computer is having a mid-life crisis.  In other words, it's been dead for a week with no end in sight.  So I'm borrowing a computer tonight.  I'm supposed to be working on our finances, but I find that when it comes to that subject, I'm easily {and happily} distracted.

So I'll be back who knows when and the internet world will keep turning.  In the meantime, I've got plenty of things to keep me preoccupied, thanks to my little minions....yesterday I found at least three full rolls of tp in the toilet.  No biggy.
And now back to finances....
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