Project Run & Play: The Cheeky Cherished Cheetah

Oh Project Run & Play, how you suck me in every blasted season.  :)

The Week One Challenge was "Put Me in the Zoo" and I just happened to have some old pajama pants of the animal print status that were sitting in the sewing pile.  I always called them my cheetah pants and I haven't worn them in years.  So when I saw the challenge, I cooked up this little number.

My cheeky cherished cheetah.  I'm going all cha cha cha on you.

I say cheeky because figuring out how to put the whole outfit together was tricky business.

And when I googled cheetah print, I realized that the fabric was actually a leopard print, but Lila loves Cheetah's "because they're so fast, Mom!"  So we'll just let her think it's cheetah, ok?

I used cherished in the name too because, like I said, Lila expressed her die-hard love for Cheetah's.  And I love Lila and I was tickled that the final result turned out.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I used the Geranium dress as a base and then I adjusted some of the measurements to make it a snug peplum style jacket and added a peter pan collar.

I lined it with the animal print.  The material is a super soft but not too thick minky style fabric {perfect for our chilly Idaho springs.}

I also added heart patches on the arms.  As a sort of pledge of Lila's love.  :)  {Also, I knew she'd wear it if it had hearts on it.}

For the pants, I decided to let Lila get in touch with her edgy side....ok, she doesn't really have an edgy side, but you get the picture.

I started with Peek-a-boo patterns skinny jeans.  I like this pattern as is, but I had to adjust it quite a bit because of the pleather material I used.  Lila really loved them, which surprised me because, ya know, they're not leggings.  But she kept saying how comfortable they were.  Whew!

By the by, I wish you could have seen Superman's reaction to the pants.  It was like, "Oh hey 80's."  And although it took me a while to reassure him that Lila was not going on a motorcycle trip, I think he came around when he saw how much Lila loved the outfit.  Especially the jacket.  I've seriously never seen her be so tickled about anything I've sewn.  Highly gratifying, I must admit.

{Oh, and I should mention that I didn't make the shirt.  Full discretion and all that.  It's from walmart.  But Lila didn't need a shirt, so it worked. }

Anyway, we let our little cheetah take a prowl in the jungle.

And then we lost her to a world of lady bug discovery.

So we called it "good" on the photo shoot.  :)  And I'm gonna call it good on this unintentionally long post.  Happy hunting, little cheetah!

Fabric Run Down
Outer Jacket: Cream Wrinklease fabric from Joann Fabric & Crafts bottomweights section
Jacket Lining: Repurposed from my stash
Heart Patches: Brown Suede from Joann Fabric & Crafts
Jacket Buttons:  Walmart
Pants: Pleather from Joann Fabric & Crafts found in the costume section
Shirt: Walmart


  1. Turned out super cute! I am glad we aren't the only one's that understand the Idaho spring. I love those skinny jeans. I made the chinos but haven't tried the skinny jeans. Great job!

  2. Cutest jacket ever! Love the cheetah lining. I was sucked into this season of PR&P too when I saw the themes! Before I saw them I intended to take the month off!

  3. This is such a sweet look! That jacket is adorable I just love the peplum. I love how the little people have their favorite animals, my little guy likes Alligators better than Crocodiles.
    With Love,
    PS. Nice use of the BYU-Idaho gardens much more fitting than the snow you got that week (my brother still lives in Rexburg so we often get weather updates from him).

  4. I really can't even believe you made any of that, but I especially am blown away by the pants. Amazing!


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