Caroline Party Dress Review

So I guess you're wondering if I just ate a cheese stick with lunch meat, then half a sleeve of crackers smeared with garden vegetable cream cheese....followed by a bowl of popcorn.  What?!  Stop looking at me like that!  I just felt the need to confess....

I'd blame it on the baby, but I know it's me.  I really love food and it's kind of a problem.

Anyway, this look would've been perfect for the Project Run & Play Spring Break Challenge as a beach vaca always sounds dreamy.  But my mind went blank that week because at the time, my dream vacation was a trip alone to the grocery store. #ileadaglamorouslife  So I ended up sewing this for Kids Clothes Week and as part of pattern parcel.  But I never got around to posting it.  Because ya know.  Life.

So all that was a completely unnecesary and round-a-bout way to say that this post is simply my official review of the Caroline Party Dress.  I did receive a free version of this dress for Pattern Parcel, but what do ya know, I'd already purchased it a few weeks before.  :) But can you blame me?  It's adorable and I'm always a sucker for a peter pan collar.

I'm sure every seamstress dreams of designing their own fabric, but it's a secret wish of mine. And one of the things I'd design would be big cabana stripes.  Because they are so fun!

But alas, no such luck in finding any big stripes in the colors that I wanted.  So I used acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium to paint these stripes.  Lila's are 3'' stripes and Madelyn's are 2''.

I wish I could say the stripes turned out super soft.  But they didn't.  But I was ok with that.  I was going for a beachy look, so I felt like it was ok that it didn't turn out perfectly.  Because what does in life?

Actually just kidding, the invisible zipper instructions on this pattern are just about perfect.  I've always been super scared of invisible zippers, but it actually makes sense to me now and it's doable!

I sewed Madelyn a size 18m and it fits perfectly.  I did an underskirt since the fabric was thin, but opted not to do the tulle at the bottom.

Lila's was a 3T bodice 4T length, since she is fairly petite and she tends to grow up not around.  I changed up Lila's dress a little by pleating it instead of gathering the fabric with an underskirt, but no tulle.

The only thing I regret is that I forgot to add pockets.  Lila would've loved pockets.  But that gives me a good excuse to make another one.  :)

Overall, this is a great pattern.

It's a cute dress that you can change up and it taught me some new sewing techniques.  Now I can cross invisible zippers off my sewing bucket list.  Huzzah!

Fabric Specs:
White Fabric: Walmart for 1.97 {I went with the super cheap stuff.  It was a little flimsy, but it matched the look I wanted...and it was cheap}
Stripes and collar: Painted on with a mix of acrylic paint and fabric medium
Zippers:  White Invisible Zippers from Joann 


  1. Those look fantastic! I love the stripes. I never would have known you painted them. How resourceful of you! Seriously, those are darling.

  2. Thank you so much Deborah! You are sweet. :)


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