Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 {Figgy's Celestial Tee}

Well.  Is this post's title a mouth full of p's or what?!  But don't worry.  I'm gonna break this thing down real quick.  Ok.  Raise your virtual hand if you've heard of this rockin' thing called Perfect Pattern Parcel?  Here's the jist: You buy a collection of patterns and the money goes to support indie pattern designers and children's education.  Oh, and the sale lasts two weeks.  That's the basic idea.

I hate to sound sales-pitchy, but it is a great cause {I mean come on, children's education} and you get some really fab patterns.  So if you're in the market to sew some really high quality PDF patterns and help kids while you're at it, click on over.  I'll have more info at the end of the post, so let's just continue.

For the sake of full disclosure and all that, I will say that I received these patterns in exchange for sewing at least one of them up and blogging about it.  Don't hate me.  I really wouldn't support something that wasn't a good deal.  And truth be told, I had actually previously purchased some of the patterns before I got them for free.  Go figure!  :)

I sewed Figgy's Celestial Tee and I've gotta tell ya, it's a fun sew.  No, it's a heavenly sew.  hehe.

But seriously.  A good pattern helps me remember why I like to sew, you know?  I felt like it was easy to understand, measurements were true to size, and it's such a fun style.  I love a good knit pattern!

The fabric was originally white, but I dyed it a semi minty-ish...or whatever color it is, using RIT dye.

I figured since we were going all "celestial," why not add some stars?  :)

I was inspired by this look and I just used freezer paper and exacto-knifed some star stencils.  All straight lines, so it's super easy to cut.  Then I ironed them on randomly and painted using tulip fabric paint {in navy}.

And don't ask me what was going on in this girls mind while we took pictures.  We were on our way to visit Superman's parents, so Lila was excited and I'm telling you she was on one and a half.

She told us that she was an African princess and that African princess make these kinds of poses.

Me:  Lila could you put your hands down, doll?

Lila:  Mom, African princesses keep their hands like this.

Right.  I guess I've got to study up on African Princesses.  But despite her uncooperativeness during pictures, I've gotta give her credit for personality.  I love this girl.

And I'll be honest.  I love this shirt too.  :)  Like I want one in my size.  But chances are I wouldn't look half as cute.  Darn.  The curse of old age and a pregnant belly.

Anyway... back to the Pattern Parcel.  This shirt pattern is only a glimpse at what you can get for a steal of a deal.  Here's a list of the patterns offered:

Click here for the more info!

Pretty cool, right?  I've got four Caroline Party Dresses {ya, that's right, four.  Don't judge me--I go overboard sometimes} in the works and I'm itchin' to try the rest of the patterns.

And what better week than Kids Clothes Week to sew some adorable new things for your little girl?  Just sayin.'  :)

kid's clothes week

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  1. ack! so cute :) i feel like i must certainly need to whip up a dozen of these tees!! XO

    1. Oh thank you Rachael! You are too kind. :)

  2. I can't believe you dyed your fabric and stenciled the stars! Wow. Superstar indeed! It looks professionally done!

    1. Thank you Jill! And thanks for letting me take part in Pattern Parcel! Wishing you all the best with it!

  3. beautiful stencil job!!! I never would have guessed... I was actually scrolling through to see where you got the fabric :)

  4. Anonymous4/09/2014

    Really!!! You dyed and stencilled the fabric? It's great. I love the fabric, the tee shirt looks cool. I neeeeeeddd some of that fabric. I'm hoping they sell freezer paper in the UK, I've never heard of it before.

    1. Thank you so much! I was pretty tickled with how it turned out. :) Also, this is totally none of my business, but I googled "freezer paper in the UK" and I found a couple different options if you can't find it locally.



      It really is great stuff! Thanks again for your comment! :)

    2. Anonymous4/12/2014

      Awww!! Thank you so much for doing that research for me. I really appreciate it.

  5. What a gorgeous tee! I reckon every African Princess needs one ;)

    1. That's right, haha. :) Thank you!


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