Project Run & Play: My own little Easter eggs

Since Easter is coming up and my girls need new dresses and since it's Kids Clothes Week, and since Project Run & Play's challenge this week is to design your own fabric, I decided to try my hand at dyeing.  {No.  Not the kind of dying without an e...hopefully that won't come too soon. :)}  It's something I've never done before.  {I know.  I'm so five years late on this one.}  So one night, while Superman watched River Monsters {he's an adorable geek about that show} I got my dye on.

I used a combo of RIT aqua and kelly green....I'd say more aqua than green.  It's funny, I put three different types of fabric in and got three different results.  But I'm really tickled about it.  And since I had so much dye leftover, I added a little more green and stuck in this fabric and I liked the color even more.  I think I've found a new friend in this dyeing gig.  :)

So anyway, back to the fabric.  I had a few people mention on instagram that the fabric looked like it could be fabric for an Elsa costume {ya know, from Frozen} but I'm so unhip, I haven't even seen that show yet.  I know, right?  Don't worry, we're coming out from under the rock where we live and we're watching it this weekend.  :)  Anyway, I almost considered saving the fabric for Halloween, but meh.  I planned to make tulle Easter dresses and that's what I was gonna do.

I started with the Caroline Party Dress bodice {oh and that dress is also part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel sale ends ends next week!}.  It's a great pattern and it taught me how to properly install an invisible zipper.  What?!

For the dress skirt, I veered from the pattern path and did my own thing.  I measured the length and width of my daughters and added to the them both considerably--like times 5.  I wanted a really full, puffy tulle skirt.  I used 6 yards of tulle total.  Four layers of tulle per skirt.  I hemmed the underskirt, but left the tulle as is {since it doesn't fray}.  This part was...well, you know tulle.  It's a fickle creature.

But it all came together and I was happy and my girls were extra happy.  I'm not usually one to go all matchy matchy, but shucks.  Just this once, maybe?  ;)

Originally, I thought that it would be fun to extend the tulle to be a lot longer than the underskirt on Madelyn's dress, but while I took pictures, I felt like it just looked...funny and too long.

So I've since given her tulle a good trim.

The girls were happy to frolic and prance in their new dresses.

While Ezra sat on a stump and waited.

Until Madelyn said, "Enough is enough, Mom."

And that's that.  Have a happy day!

And in case you're curious here are the fabric specs:
Dye: RIT mixture of Aqua and Kelly Green
Lace: Thrifted from an old lace vest.
Lining: Joann
Tulle: The cheapest kind found at Joann.  :)
And Ezra was dressed entirely by Target.  Bullseye.  

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  1. Beautiful dresses! I love the lace. And the tulle. And that you dyed the fabric. So, just everything. I haven't tried dying fabric test, but I want to! (And my girls and even my husband and I all love Frozen, so I bet your girls will, too!)

  2. Oh thank you Jill! {Oh and my kids watched Frozen and of course, they're obsessed!}


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