No Sew Pants to Shorts Upcycle//Tutorial

Remember how I have a son?  You almost wouldn't know it judging from my lack of boy-oriented posts lately.  But by golly, we've got a little boy and we love his rough and tumble self through and through.

But it's true, I don't sew for him much.  While assessing his summer wardrobe, I discovered that I'm a much smarter shopper for boys than I am for girls.  I'm a lot more basic and minimalistic for boys.  And somehow I can always find better deals on boy clothes than I can on girl clothes.  So Ezra is pretty well stocked for the summer.

He is however, very hard on his clothes, so I did this quick upcycle on some old sweatpants (because, quite frankly, they looked ridiculous on him).   But with this quick fix, he has some easy cheese play shorts.  :)

And it's a no sew project.  Huzzah!

Materials Needed:

  • Sweatpants that you don't mind cutting for a good cause
  • An existing pair of shorts to use as a reference
  • Freezer Paper
  • Fabric Paint & brush
  • Iron

All I did was grab the pants and prepped them for surgery.

Fold the pants in half and using the existing shorts length as a guide,

cut straight across.

Open them up {and if you'd like you can hem them, but these were just play shorts and knit doesn't fray, so pshhhh. Forget it.} and add a little decoration with some freezer paper and fabric paint.  I did the number 3, since Ezra is 3.  Get it?  Apparently, I wasn't feeling particularly clever or creative that day...

Anyway, once it's painted and dried, pull off the freezer paper, press it with an iron to seal the paint and viola!  Some easy shorts for the summer.  Ezra has had these for a month and I love having not so nice shorts for him to play in.  Let the kid cover himself in dirt, I say....since he's going to anyway....  :)

And that's that!  Hope your summer is going beautifully!


Matinee Dress Pattern Tour

I've written and re-written this post in an effort to "keep it classy" about the fact that Jenn invited me to be a part of the Matinee Dress and Peplum Top Pattern Tour, but I just can't {keep it classy that is}.  I'm so geekily excited!

But I'm taking a deep breath.  Ok.  Let's go.
So this pattern.  Super fun--I am telling you!  It taught me some new sewing techniques and it's versatile.  Jenn provides a lovely pdf pattern {sizing from 12m-8y} detailed instructions and she defines sewing terms {thank you!} for those of us who need a little help in that department.  :)
I think what I liked most about the pattern {aside from all of the different options to change the look} is just the fact she explains things so clearly.  If your child measures in between sizes and you don't understand how to pair two different sizes together, it's explained in detail.  That's something I really appreciate as I consider myself a little slow when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of sewing.  I'm a bit of a sewing dunce.  
I also loved {loved loved loved} that this pattern taught me how to properly install lined sleeves.  Again, {sewing dunce here} and I just haven't been able to wrap my head around how to do a lined sleeve and have everything look clean inside and out and this pattern does just that.  Hallelujah chorus!
I sewed up a 3T for Lila.  I originally sewed a 4T knowing it would be too big, but I wanted her to grow into it.  Turns out, it will take her a long time for her to grow into it.  It drowned her.  So I went with the proper measurements and sewed a 3T.  It fits her perfeclty.  So measure your child and believe in the measurements given, ok?
I only made two changes to the original pattern.  The first was that I added an extra layer to the skirt to make it extra flouncy.

The other change I made was to add a few inches to the back.  This dress/peplum has tons of options and I think the open back is super cute, but I wanted to see if I could switch things up a bit.

It was easy to do and Lila loves it.  Every time I tried it on before it was finished just to make sure it fit, she didn't want to take it off.

Lila calls it her party dress.  High praise, really.  Since there's hardly a thing in this world that Lila loves more than a party.  Which means a lot to me since finding the time to sew anymore hasn't been a cake walk.  I'm always grateful for gratitude from this little doll.  
The material I used was actually stolen gifted {?} from my mom's stash.  It's older, but it has a soft, high quality too it.  And I love peach for summertime.  
Thank you Jenn, for letting me be on your tour!

Purchase the pattern here and use the code matineetour20 for a 20% discount while the pattern tour lasts.  That is a suweet deal, peeps.  Also if you're interested in winning a boat-load of prizes, just enter the raffle copter below!

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Simple Pirate Party

I just keep taking these unintentional breaks from blogging, don't I?  Real professional, Beth.  But people, it's summer!  We've had family in and out of town and I'm pregnant.  All priorities have shifted to the most important.  Eating, sleeping, and relaxing.

I have been busy with projects though.  Just haven't been taking the time to blog about them.  Sue me, ok!

Today, I'm going through some of my archives and sharing a:

Said b.day happened months ago, but oh well, right?  Have I ever mentioned that Superman and Ezra share a b.day?  You can't really top giving your husband a child for his birthday, right?  I'm sure Rumplestiltskin would agree.....

Anyway, it's fun and Superman is a good sport about letting it be a bit more about Ezra.  He's sweet like that.  :)  We had a little family party for both of them and you know I had to rock a pirates theme for my pirate-lovin' son.

But here's the thing, I don't throw a party anymore unless it's relatively simple and inexpensive.  Therefore, it looks a touch boring, which is why I almost didn't post about it.  I mean, the world of pinterest-perfect parties makes a gal feel a little inadequate, ya feel me?  Regardless of the lack of elaborate decor, fancy food, or clever games we had a nice little party, so I thought I'd share it with other simple minded {and I mean that in the best sense} folk out there.  :)

So basically, it went something like this:

For decorations, I used a plastic white table clothe that I had on hand and I put a fishing net on top.  I purchased this net from amazon. I plan to use the net as decor for Ezra's room.  {And by the way, the net truly does smell like fish...so that's fun.  And authentic, I guess.}  I made the banner out of blue jute twine {Target} and black scrapbook paper from my stash and wrote "happy birthday" with a white crayon in the most pirate-esque way I could. :)  The ship wheel is from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased it on sale 2 years ago, so I'm not really sure if it's still around.

Since I can't find the perfect cupcake stand, I just used two of my plates and turned a drinking glass upside down as a temporary stand.  It's sounds ghetto, but it worked.  The gold coins on the table were also purchased from Hobby Lobby in the party section.

I have a weird addiction to buckets in the Target Dollar Section, so I always have some sort of bucket on hand to hold utensils, napkins, straws {etc.}  {Straws from Hobby Lobby}

For food, we did cake and ice cream.  Real fancy.  And as you can see, I still can't decorate cupcakes, but I'm working on it.  Lila helped me make little "flag" cupcake toppers out of colored toothpicks and black washi tape.  We also stuck some chocolate gold coins in random cupcakes.  Oh and I think I popped some popcorn at one point to represent "pirate gold."

The treasure chest cake is tiny. Let's just get that right out there.  It's so little it made me laugh.  It's not supposed to be so small if you use the original tutorial, but I shrunk it down because I'm lazy.

Superman loves kit kats, so it was perfect for him and I filled the inside with gold chocolate coins and sixlets.  As it turns out, the brown sugar "sand" was the most popular commodity with this cake.  All the kids were sneaking little handfulls throughout the party.  Sugar high!

For games, we had an array of different ages here, so while the adults chatted, the kids got to make treasure maps.  Later, we used tinfoil and molded it into "pirate hooks" on each child's hand.  And then they used the hooks to play pirate tag.  I didn't take pictures of this part, but it would have been a blur anyway.  You know, because kids don't sit still when they're about to be "tagged" by tinfoil pirate hooks.

After that we opened presents.  So there we go.  A simple pirate party using stuff we had around the house.  It doesn't really belong on pinterest, but it's true to life in this household. :)
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