Matinee Dress Pattern Tour

I've written and re-written this post in an effort to "keep it classy" about the fact that Jenn invited me to be a part of the Matinee Dress and Peplum Top Pattern Tour, but I just can't {keep it classy that is}.  I'm so geekily excited!

But I'm taking a deep breath.  Ok.  Let's go.
So this pattern.  Super fun--I am telling you!  It taught me some new sewing techniques and it's versatile.  Jenn provides a lovely pdf pattern {sizing from 12m-8y} detailed instructions and she defines sewing terms {thank you!} for those of us who need a little help in that department.  :)
I think what I liked most about the pattern {aside from all of the different options to change the look} is just the fact she explains things so clearly.  If your child measures in between sizes and you don't understand how to pair two different sizes together, it's explained in detail.  That's something I really appreciate as I consider myself a little slow when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of sewing.  I'm a bit of a sewing dunce.  
I also loved {loved loved loved} that this pattern taught me how to properly install lined sleeves.  Again, {sewing dunce here} and I just haven't been able to wrap my head around how to do a lined sleeve and have everything look clean inside and out and this pattern does just that.  Hallelujah chorus!
I sewed up a 3T for Lila.  I originally sewed a 4T knowing it would be too big, but I wanted her to grow into it.  Turns out, it will take her a long time for her to grow into it.  It drowned her.  So I went with the proper measurements and sewed a 3T.  It fits her perfeclty.  So measure your child and believe in the measurements given, ok?
I only made two changes to the original pattern.  The first was that I added an extra layer to the skirt to make it extra flouncy.

The other change I made was to add a few inches to the back.  This dress/peplum has tons of options and I think the open back is super cute, but I wanted to see if I could switch things up a bit.

It was easy to do and Lila loves it.  Every time I tried it on before it was finished just to make sure it fit, she didn't want to take it off.

Lila calls it her party dress.  High praise, really.  Since there's hardly a thing in this world that Lila loves more than a party.  Which means a lot to me since finding the time to sew anymore hasn't been a cake walk.  I'm always grateful for gratitude from this little doll.  
The material I used was actually stolen gifted {?} from my mom's stash.  It's older, but it has a soft, high quality too it.  And I love peach for summertime.  
Thank you Jenn, for letting me be on your tour!

Purchase the pattern here and use the code matineetour20 for a 20% discount while the pattern tour lasts.  That is a suweet deal, peeps.  Also if you're interested in winning a boat-load of prizes, just enter the raffle copter below!

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  1. What a sweet dress! I love the look of the back with the added length. So cute!

    1. Thank you so much, Elisa! I just about died when I saw the jumper you made! Too stinkin' cute!

  2. Beautiful version! Nicey done.

  3. I love the raised back and I love the extra flouncyness! That color is such a lovely color on her.

  4. Yes, sewing dunce was just what came to mind when I saw this dress...I think we both know that I personify that term a little more fully! :) I love this peachy keen dress! So cute! Love the extra layer.


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