No Sew Pants to Shorts Upcycle//Tutorial

Remember how I have a son?  You almost wouldn't know it judging from my lack of boy-oriented posts lately.  But by golly, we've got a little boy and we love his rough and tumble self through and through.

But it's true, I don't sew for him much.  While assessing his summer wardrobe, I discovered that I'm a much smarter shopper for boys than I am for girls.  I'm a lot more basic and minimalistic for boys.  And somehow I can always find better deals on boy clothes than I can on girl clothes.  So Ezra is pretty well stocked for the summer.

He is however, very hard on his clothes, so I did this quick upcycle on some old sweatpants (because, quite frankly, they looked ridiculous on him).   But with this quick fix, he has some easy cheese play shorts.  :)

And it's a no sew project.  Huzzah!

Materials Needed:

  • Sweatpants that you don't mind cutting for a good cause
  • An existing pair of shorts to use as a reference
  • Freezer Paper
  • Fabric Paint & brush
  • Iron

All I did was grab the pants and prepped them for surgery.

Fold the pants in half and using the existing shorts length as a guide,

cut straight across.

Open them up {and if you'd like you can hem them, but these were just play shorts and knit doesn't fray, so pshhhh. Forget it.} and add a little decoration with some freezer paper and fabric paint.  I did the number 3, since Ezra is 3.  Get it?  Apparently, I wasn't feeling particularly clever or creative that day...

Anyway, once it's painted and dried, pull off the freezer paper, press it with an iron to seal the paint and viola!  Some easy shorts for the summer.  Ezra has had these for a month and I love having not so nice shorts for him to play in.  Let the kid cover himself in dirt, I say....since he's going to anyway....  :)

And that's that!  Hope your summer is going beautifully!


  1. What a brilliant idea! I always think sweatpants look fruity with the little elastic on the ankles. Much improved! And no knees to wear holes in. Win win!


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