Dressed up Tulle Onesie//tutorial for Mama Says Sew

Thought I'd bring this little sucker "home" today!

Shucks.  Just shucks.  I'm so happy to be guest posting for the baby series at Mama Says Sew!

Oh and {nostalgia geek alert!} Terra's ruffled flower leggings were one of the first things I attempted to sew.  You know!  Back when I was re-teaching myself how to sew and I was too scared to blog about things?  Yes.  Back then.  So thank you for inspiring me, Tara!  :)

Now.  Onward.

I have a super fast, fun project today!  I mean, I can never truly "time" my projects since I get interrupted with "Madelyn just knocked my tower down!" about every ten minutes, but even between the chaos, this one didn't take much time at all.  Huzzah!

It's a:

And all you need is:

Note:  I like to use the stretchy soft tulle for projects like this.  I purchased mine from Joann.  It's a little more expensive, but it washes well and doesn't scratch.  Worth it!

Also, I added the gold peter pan collar just like I did here.  But there are tons of ways to dress up a onesie--just ask pinterest.

With the stretch pulling from left to right, cut your tulle into a lopped off triangle.  Use your onesie as a guide on the width.  I added a little extra for seam allowance as well.  Also, I ended up taking about 2 inches off of the length when I was done.  It seemed a little long, just sayin'.

I cut 8 skirt pieces because I wanted 4 total skirt layers.

Take two pieces of tulle and sew down the side in a zig zag.

Continue to do this with the other pieces of tulle.  Like so:

Flip each skirt piece right side out and layer them by placing one inside the other.

Place the onesie inside the skirt.  Your skirt pieces and onesie should match up to be the same width. Make sure the side seams meet up on either side and pin the skirt piece all the way around the onesie ensuring that you have all the layers of tulle connected.

Attach the skirt to the onesie by shirring around the entire onesie with your elastic thread in the bobbin.  {For an excellent shirring tutorial, go here}.  How many times you want to go around is up to you, but I went around four times.

And there you have it!  Super cute, super fast and super easy.

Sorry, too many "supers" going on here, I'd better end this post.... :)

Thanks so much for having me Terra!

And check out the fun baby giveaway going on!  See ya around! 


Maxi dress take 2

Lila just barely missed the kindergarten age cut off this year, so I get to keep her home one more year and I'm so ok with that.  As it turns out, so is she.  It's actually been pleasant to have all the kids together.  I feel blessed that this "before school" chapter of our lives gets to go on a little longer.

So even though Lila doesn't need a back to school wardrobe, this little doll was in need of a few new dresses.  And she requested a maxi dress.  She wore the stink out of this maxi I made for her last year.  It was hands down her favorite dress.  And for some reason she dubbed it her princess of Africa dress.  Still don't quite know where she got that princess of Africa bit.  Whatevs.

I had this adult sized hand-me-down skirt that was a little too big for me but I just couldn't give up all that knit.  Knit knit knit.  It's my fave.  And I thought the color of the skirt was so unique.  So why not get a little more use out of it and give it to this little African princess of mine?

As a side not, I guess I should have taken a picture of the original skirt, but you get the idea.  Long maxi skirt.  Ok.  Again, the original tutorial is here.  The only thing I changed up was adding arm and neck bands.

Lila is basically the exact same width that she was last year, but she's grown a little bit taller.  She's an adorably tiny thing.  So I made it extra long for her to grow into.  The rufle at the bottom was already on the skirt, so putting this together took minimal time.  And that's the kind of sewing that I'm all about these days.

Lila looks majorly impressed, am I right?

No really.  Her placid expressions really sell the look, don't ya think?  Tough nut to crack, this one.

But really, she really loves the dress.  She's already worn it up the wazzoooo.

You should see how many pictures I have with her making this face.  Girlfriend was havin' a serious 'tude about getting her picture taken.

As soon as I said, "ok, you're good to go." She was outta here.  Five year old sass.  

But I can't blame her really. I don't love getting my picture taken either.  ;)


Coming back

I've tried to sit down and blog for several days now, but something always seems to come up. Literally. Madelyn is constantly climbing up on my lap whenever I'm at the computer.  She has a toddler's sixth sense about when Mom needs some alone time needs the companionship of a two-year-old.  But right now, she and Sophia are napping, Lila and Ezra are saving the world one playdo creation at a time and I'm seizing the day while I can.

I'd be lying if I said that finding balance has been easy with four kids under five.  {Well, officially 4 kids age 5 and under, since Lila just had a birthday.}  At first I tried to take things one day at a time, but I found that even day by day was too much for me.  I'm learning to take things one minute at a time.  Some minutes are hard and I just have to pull a "Frozen" and let it go and some minutes are pure bliss and I tuck them away in my memory.  Some moments we are all happy and giggling, the next minute everyone could be crying.  We're like a giant emotional roller coaster of babies, toddlers, and children, so you just never know what you're gonna get around here.  :)

And I'm ok with that.  Some nights I go to bed pleasantly exhausted, some nights I go to be miserably exhausted and some nights I'm just too tired to categorize my exhaustion.  But every night I'm grateful for my life.  Because I am continually learning that this is the path God wants me on.  He knows exactly what I need to make me a little bit softer so that I can become exactly what He needs me to be.

But I ramble.  Forgive me for that, it's so blasted nice to record my thoughts again.  Just for myself, I don't even care if you're reading them or not.

Really though the point of this post was to brag about our little Sophia Hope.  She is perfection in baby form.

Such a special little person and I love that we get to have her in our home.

My sister-in-law rocked some newborn shots of her and I'm so thankful because she's already changed so much and my camera skills are sadly lacking.  :)

I know I sound like an old lady when I say this but I treasure all of my children's newborn photoshoots.  They just make you look back and melt for those sweet little bundles of baby goodness.  Ok, I'll stop my proud momminess for a minute.

Plus, I'm only showing you a handful of pictures, so you won't feel completely bombarded.

And now I'm off to do whatever the next moment brings!
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