Maxi dress take 2

Lila just barely missed the kindergarten age cut off this year, so I get to keep her home one more year and I'm so ok with that.  As it turns out, so is she.  It's actually been pleasant to have all the kids together.  I feel blessed that this "before school" chapter of our lives gets to go on a little longer.

So even though Lila doesn't need a back to school wardrobe, this little doll was in need of a few new dresses.  And she requested a maxi dress.  She wore the stink out of this maxi I made for her last year.  It was hands down her favorite dress.  And for some reason she dubbed it her princess of Africa dress.  Still don't quite know where she got that princess of Africa bit.  Whatevs.

I had this adult sized hand-me-down skirt that was a little too big for me but I just couldn't give up all that knit.  Knit knit knit.  It's my fave.  And I thought the color of the skirt was so unique.  So why not get a little more use out of it and give it to this little African princess of mine?

As a side not, I guess I should have taken a picture of the original skirt, but you get the idea.  Long maxi skirt.  Ok.  Again, the original tutorial is here.  The only thing I changed up was adding arm and neck bands.

Lila is basically the exact same width that she was last year, but she's grown a little bit taller.  She's an adorably tiny thing.  So I made it extra long for her to grow into.  The rufle at the bottom was already on the skirt, so putting this together took minimal time.  And that's the kind of sewing that I'm all about these days.

Lila looks majorly impressed, am I right?

No really.  Her placid expressions really sell the look, don't ya think?  Tough nut to crack, this one.

But really, she really loves the dress.  She's already worn it up the wazzoooo.

You should see how many pictures I have with her making this face.  Girlfriend was havin' a serious 'tude about getting her picture taken.

As soon as I said, "ok, you're good to go." She was outta here.  Five year old sass.  

But I can't blame her really. I don't love getting my picture taken either.  ;)


  1. Maxi dresses are my favorite too because I don't have to shave my legs. :)

  2. That color is so beautiful on Lila! She could be a childhood magazine model. Oh wait, I think I say that every time I see her.


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