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So let's play confessions.  I am not very confident.  Just not.  I second guess myself all the time.  It's annoying, I know.  It bothers confident people because they just don't "get it."  It's just that when it comes to comfort zones, I like mine.  My little world with Superman and my kids, in my home, eating popcorn and watching The Dick Van Dyke Show for the umpteenth time.

This blog is my tiny little corner of the world where I feel almost brave.  Where I'm ok to share a little of myself because nobody is really reading.  I'm so ok with that.  So anytime I take a risk and ask for attention, I get all knotted up inside.   But enough of my introvert issues.  I hate to be the kind of person who doesn't take a risk just because I'm a cotton headed ninny muggins.

So in the interest of bravery and all that bologna, you can head over to FrancesSuzanne today and vote on Flip this Pattern.  Read my entry here or here.  

Vote HERE for your favorite "flip.".  It closes Saturday 25 at 11pm CST, so let your virtual voice be heard.  
And let the record show that you can vote for anyone.  Really, I promise I won't be mad at you!  

Flip this Pattern: Crisp in Cargo

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Hey all!  I'm flipping out ;) that I get to be here to share my flip of the Brownie Goose Hattie Pattern!  The pattern is great on it's own, but it's always fun to shake things up a bit.

When I first saw the pattern, I knew exactly how I wanted to do to it.  Make a cargo jacket.  Because they're super cute and hip to the jive, right?  Plus they keep you warm and all that.  Around here, the fall weather brings a crisp chill to the air, making a light jacket a necessity. Ok really, that last sentence was just a fancy way of me telling you that if you don't wear a jacket, you'll freeze.  This is Idaho people!

So after a little planning, adjusting, and testing I came up with something that I'm pretty happy with. 

A Crisp in Cargo jacket.
The first thing I did for this "flip" was literally to flip the pattern around.  I noticed that Veronica did that did that last week too.  Great minds and all that. ;)  
I sewed a size 3 tunic, but lengthened it so that it was longer than the original tunic, but not quite as long as the dress size.  I also added an inch to each of the "front" pieces, so that there would be plenty of room.
Because it warms up later in the day, I wanted Lila to be able to feel like she could wear this jacket zipped or unzipped and still have it look cute. I went for a heavy duty gold jacket zipper for the front.  Because Lila approves of gold.  She's so glamorous.
For a collar with a little feminine flare, I opted to turn the ruffled neck down with matching bias tape for a clean edge.  
I took 1.5 inches off of the sleeves, so that they'd be more fitted and a little less flowy to match the style of the jacket.  I also ommitted the gathered sleeve with the cuff.  But instead of getting rid of the cuff, I made it the same width as the sleeve and topstitched it before the sleeves were sewn together.  No reason really, just for some visual interest.  
After everything was hemmed, I added a casing inside the jacket and put a shoelace through with button holes on either side.

 Then I added buttons to each side of the string and knotted it so that they'd stay in place.  This was my favorite part because it added another touch of girliness to the jacket.  

By the way the fabric that I used is technically not "cargo" fabric.  It's an army green stretch demin, but the way that it stretches is so perfect for a jacket, I just couldn't resist.  

So here's a summary of all the changes....just in case there's a pop quiz at the end of this or something....
And that's my flip!  Thanks FrancesSuzannefor having me!

Again VOTE for your favorite Flip HERE


Flip this Pattern Preview

So in case you missed it, I'm "competing" on Flip this Pattern this week. It's a fun little sewing competition where everyone gets the same pattern and they make changes or "flip it" and make it into something totally different. My "entry" was yesterday, but you should tune in all week, because hello, have you seen who else is competing? Amazing ladies I tell you!  I'm really not just saying that. When I saw who I signed up to compete with, I was like "daaaaang it!"  I've admired their blogs for quite a while, so I'm just going to be 1022% honest. I don't have a shot at winning. I know that, so no need to feel sorry for me, it's all good. ;)  But I'm super honored to take part in it and I am really excited to see what the other ladies come up with.  Head on over to check it out:

Sidenote, when Superman read the bio that I submitted, he had the nerve to imply that I might have made myself seem just a touch happier than I am in real life.  Say what?  No really, I had to laugh, because I probably made myself sound more like how I want to act as opposed to how I really am.    Basically I cry more like everyday, not just once in a while.  I just wanted to put my best virtual foot forward I guess.... :)

In other news, all of my little minions have colds this week.  It's sad.  Runny noses from sun up to sun down.  But right now, we're all watching Pollyanna.  Pretty sure I'm liking it more than the kids  are.  But still.  In the spirit of the glad game, I'm glad that I get to have snuggles from all of my sick babies and that we don't have any deadlines, nowhere we have to go, we can just play Candyland and eat chicken noodle soup.  Thanks Pollyanna.  Sick or not, we're having a glad week.  ;)


Cosi Dolce

I've been a little deflated for the last few weeks. Just not feeling on top of my game. Mad at myself for being an ungrateful downer. Out of energy. Out of patience. Losing my marbles. Need to clean my house.  I'm so tired. Can't decide what to cook for dinner.  Don't wanna cook anything for dinner.  Did my two-year-old just get latex paint all over the walls?  And the carpet?  I need cookies.  No, I need to exercise and lose some weight.  Nope.  I just lost the car keys instead.  Now I really need cookies.  I'll take 7 please. Did my daughter really just throw up on my friends brand new couch?  Holla! Up to my neck in dishes and messes. The baby needs to be fed.  Didn't I just finish feeding her? Let's add potty training to this mix. Wayooo!  Is that blood all over my sons head.  Is that his skull????

It was the head splitting open that did me under.

I had to sit down and give myself a pep talk and you know what I found out?   My life is really good.  I just needed to cancel my personal pity part and change my 'tude.  Switch my glasses to those of the rose colored variety.  Put on a happy face.  All that jazz.

Listening to this over the weekend helped improve my mood and helped me gain some new perspective.  So much I need to do to be better, but I know the road that will get me there.

So here I am on a Monday.  Priorities re-adjusted, course-corrected, and feeling good.  No heads have split open....yet.

Lila has been my little rock through my ups and downs.

Holding Sophia while I fix dinner.  Making Ezra laugh when he's sad.  Playing dress ups with a very bossy Madelyn.  Stuff like that.  The other night I found her putting toys away without being told. And after I recovered from passing out from shock, she told me that she "just wanted to clean and put away.  I couldn't help myself!"  {I thank my lucky stars for a daughter who did not get my lazy tendencies.}

The child has just been so sweet.

So I decided to make her a shirt as a tribute to her awesomeness.  And since making a graphic tee say "so sweet" in English may come across as braggy, I wrote it in Italian.  Because bragging about yourself in a different language is totally acceptable.  ;)

I modified the Skipper Top for the shirt.  It's an excellent pattern as is, but I changed up a few things just for fun. I made it a touch longer and also made the sleeves a little longer for her to grow into.

My material was a very soft stretchy knit and I should have made the neck a little smaller to account for the extra stretch.  Lesson learned.  I like that it has a nice slouchy/comfy look to it.

The pants are a modified HOSH pattern.

The floral is a stretchy denim and I love how they look as pants.

I dyed white knit ribbing and made it into a waist band and cuffs for the bottom of the pants.

I've seen pants like this all over and I think it's fun and cozy looking.  Plus as it gets cold she can just pull the legs down.  

Lately, all I've been wanting to sew are things that my kids actually want to wear and this outfit fits the bill to a "t."  {Pun!}  If I keep up my extra good attitude, I'll have a tutorial and some more graphic tee's to show this week.  If potty training Ezra takes a turn for the worst, you might not see it for a while.  Just sayin'.

Outfit Specs:
Shirt: Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado Size 4T modified slightly //Fabric: Soft stretchy cream knit from Joann
Pants: Modified HOSH pattern size 2/3T  //Fabric: floral denim with a stretch found in the bottom weights section at Joann   //Waistband and cuffs fabric: White ribbing dyed with red and purple RIT dye.
Shoes: Ross


So Fancy

Look!  It's a swimsuit!  Anybody confused?  
Don't worry, it's still October, no need to smash up your pumpkins yet.  Jackolanterns everywhere are thanking me.

It's just that I am so behind!  I thought up this swimsuit design last fall.  Yes you read that correctly. Last fall.  I bought the fabric.  Then I started sewing the suit in May.  Yesh.  May.  And I finished it in July.  Just in time for Lila to be able to wear it once maybe twice to the splash park.  Am I awesome or what?
....So I'm playing catch up today.  I originally started it to sew along with the Vintage May series.  But you know.  Time, pregnancy, summer.  It all got away from me.  

But Lila Loopsy did love her suit.  She's so fancy.  
She already knows.  
I let her pick the fabric {from Girl Charlee} and the idea behind it was to make it more custom to her cute little body with a touch of 50's glam.  We thought it'd be swell and all that.
Lila is of the skinny/long trunked/short legged variety.  And most swimsuits just don't fit her quite right.  I mean check that adorable tummy stance.  {chanelling her then pregnant mother I presume....}
I traced a knit shirt that fit her well and added quite a bit of length.  Then I added ruffles to the sleeves.  Very basic.  I made it a two piece because hello.  So much easier to use the potty.  #nuffsaid
The bottoms were a little bit harder to figure out.  I traced some other bottoms that fit her {24m. in size. Tiny little thing} and they didn't come out quite right.  A little saggy.  But they still worked.  It's all trial and error.  I added some ruffles to the sides to coordinate with the sleeve ruffles.
I used swimsuit elastic or clear elastic on all the hems.  I apologize for not having pictures or a tutorial, but sometimes my process is that I just gotta sew and figure it out before I try to explain it.  
So I figure that this year, if I buy the fabric now and start sewing a suit in January, it'll be ready by the time the ducks in the picture fly black for the summer.  
Good plan.  

Fabric Specs:
Fabric: Girl Charlee {sold out spandex lycra blend loving this one and this one}
pattern: my own based off of a few shirts/swim bottoms that fit Lila
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