So Fancy

Look!  It's a swimsuit!  Anybody confused?  
Don't worry, it's still October, no need to smash up your pumpkins yet.  Jackolanterns everywhere are thanking me.

It's just that I am so behind!  I thought up this swimsuit design last fall.  Yes you read that correctly. Last fall.  I bought the fabric.  Then I started sewing the suit in May.  Yesh.  May.  And I finished it in July.  Just in time for Lila to be able to wear it once maybe twice to the splash park.  Am I awesome or what?
....So I'm playing catch up today.  I originally started it to sew along with the Vintage May series.  But you know.  Time, pregnancy, summer.  It all got away from me.  

But Lila Loopsy did love her suit.  She's so fancy.  
She already knows.  
I let her pick the fabric {from Girl Charlee} and the idea behind it was to make it more custom to her cute little body with a touch of 50's glam.  We thought it'd be swell and all that.
Lila is of the skinny/long trunked/short legged variety.  And most swimsuits just don't fit her quite right.  I mean check that adorable tummy stance.  {chanelling her then pregnant mother I presume....}
I traced a knit shirt that fit her well and added quite a bit of length.  Then I added ruffles to the sleeves.  Very basic.  I made it a two piece because hello.  So much easier to use the potty.  #nuffsaid
The bottoms were a little bit harder to figure out.  I traced some other bottoms that fit her {24m. in size. Tiny little thing} and they didn't come out quite right.  A little saggy.  But they still worked.  It's all trial and error.  I added some ruffles to the sides to coordinate with the sleeve ruffles.
I used swimsuit elastic or clear elastic on all the hems.  I apologize for not having pictures or a tutorial, but sometimes my process is that I just gotta sew and figure it out before I try to explain it.  
So I figure that this year, if I buy the fabric now and start sewing a suit in January, it'll be ready by the time the ducks in the picture fly black for the summer.  
Good plan.  

Fabric Specs:
Fabric: Girl Charlee {sold out spandex lycra blend loving this one and this one}
pattern: my own based off of a few shirts/swim bottoms that fit Lila


  1. ABSOLUTELY DARLING! Can I pay you to make one for my girls? Maybe a couple sizes too bit and that will give you a couple years to finish. No pressure. :)

  2. That is the cutest suit ever! Can you make one for me?! You are amazing Bethany!!

  3. Do you make these for grown ups? Because I want one...


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