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So in case you missed it, I'm "competing" on Flip this Pattern this week. It's a fun little sewing competition where everyone gets the same pattern and they make changes or "flip it" and make it into something totally different. My "entry" was yesterday, but you should tune in all week, because hello, have you seen who else is competing? Amazing ladies I tell you!  I'm really not just saying that. When I saw who I signed up to compete with, I was like "daaaaang it!"  I've admired their blogs for quite a while, so I'm just going to be 1022% honest. I don't have a shot at winning. I know that, so no need to feel sorry for me, it's all good. ;)  But I'm super honored to take part in it and I am really excited to see what the other ladies come up with.  Head on over to check it out:

Sidenote, when Superman read the bio that I submitted, he had the nerve to imply that I might have made myself seem just a touch happier than I am in real life.  Say what?  No really, I had to laugh, because I probably made myself sound more like how I want to act as opposed to how I really am.    Basically I cry more like everyday, not just once in a while.  I just wanted to put my best virtual foot forward I guess.... :)

In other news, all of my little minions have colds this week.  It's sad.  Runny noses from sun up to sun down.  But right now, we're all watching Pollyanna.  Pretty sure I'm liking it more than the kids  are.  But still.  In the spirit of the glad game, I'm glad that I get to have snuggles from all of my sick babies and that we don't have any deadlines, nowhere we have to go, we can just play Candyland and eat chicken noodle soup.  Thanks Pollyanna.  Sick or not, we're having a glad week.  ;)

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  1. :)....Our long lost friend!! We play the "Glad Game" all. the. time!! Love us some Pollyanna. Hope you and your crew feel better soon!!


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