Cosi Dolce

I've been a little deflated for the last few weeks. Just not feeling on top of my game. Mad at myself for being an ungrateful downer. Out of energy. Out of patience. Losing my marbles. Need to clean my house.  I'm so tired. Can't decide what to cook for dinner.  Don't wanna cook anything for dinner.  Did my two-year-old just get latex paint all over the walls?  And the carpet?  I need cookies.  No, I need to exercise and lose some weight.  Nope.  I just lost the car keys instead.  Now I really need cookies.  I'll take 7 please. Did my daughter really just throw up on my friends brand new couch?  Holla! Up to my neck in dishes and messes. The baby needs to be fed.  Didn't I just finish feeding her? Let's add potty training to this mix. Wayooo!  Is that blood all over my sons head.  Is that his skull????

It was the head splitting open that did me under.

I had to sit down and give myself a pep talk and you know what I found out?   My life is really good.  I just needed to cancel my personal pity part and change my 'tude.  Switch my glasses to those of the rose colored variety.  Put on a happy face.  All that jazz.

Listening to this over the weekend helped improve my mood and helped me gain some new perspective.  So much I need to do to be better, but I know the road that will get me there.

So here I am on a Monday.  Priorities re-adjusted, course-corrected, and feeling good.  No heads have split open....yet.

Lila has been my little rock through my ups and downs.

Holding Sophia while I fix dinner.  Making Ezra laugh when he's sad.  Playing dress ups with a very bossy Madelyn.  Stuff like that.  The other night I found her putting toys away without being told. And after I recovered from passing out from shock, she told me that she "just wanted to clean and put away.  I couldn't help myself!"  {I thank my lucky stars for a daughter who did not get my lazy tendencies.}

The child has just been so sweet.

So I decided to make her a shirt as a tribute to her awesomeness.  And since making a graphic tee say "so sweet" in English may come across as braggy, I wrote it in Italian.  Because bragging about yourself in a different language is totally acceptable.  ;)

I modified the Skipper Top for the shirt.  It's an excellent pattern as is, but I changed up a few things just for fun. I made it a touch longer and also made the sleeves a little longer for her to grow into.

My material was a very soft stretchy knit and I should have made the neck a little smaller to account for the extra stretch.  Lesson learned.  I like that it has a nice slouchy/comfy look to it.

The pants are a modified HOSH pattern.

The floral is a stretchy denim and I love how they look as pants.

I dyed white knit ribbing and made it into a waist band and cuffs for the bottom of the pants.

I've seen pants like this all over and I think it's fun and cozy looking.  Plus as it gets cold she can just pull the legs down.  

Lately, all I've been wanting to sew are things that my kids actually want to wear and this outfit fits the bill to a "t."  {Pun!}  If I keep up my extra good attitude, I'll have a tutorial and some more graphic tee's to show this week.  If potty training Ezra takes a turn for the worst, you might not see it for a while.  Just sayin'.

Outfit Specs:
Shirt: Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado Size 4T modified slightly //Fabric: Soft stretchy cream knit from Joann
Pants: Modified HOSH pattern size 2/3T  //Fabric: floral denim with a stretch found in the bottom weights section at Joann   //Waistband and cuffs fabric: White ribbing dyed with red and purple RIT dye.
Shoes: Ross


  1. I had my own pity party a few weeks back about being old and retired. I miss my vibrant, people-filled job and needed to redefine my new role/phase of my life. So my kick in the butt started with a sassy new short haircut and signing up for a water exercise class. It's working... so hang in there. Your daughter needs a mom to tell her she is so sweet, and to make her darling outfits like this that make her feel special. Smiles, Deborah

  2. Oh dear, glad you had something worthwhile to listen to get you out of that mood! Never thought it was okay to brag in a different language...I'm going to remember that piece of advice. Cute outfit! http://xoxograndma.blogspot.com/

  3. Those pants are so cute! I have seen that fabric before and I love it--and I love the way the Hosh pants look with the elastic waist and cuffs! I've made some similar ones for pajamas :)

  4. I love the Italian phrase...so cool for a sweet girl! Hope this week is kinder to you:)

  5. super cute!! I love the shirt and words and that super soft waistband!! girly and playful!!! Perfect signature style. I just linked up my all boy style and I'm loving all the other links! Emily

  6. Love your writing and love the outfit. And love our crazy mom lives!

  7. Holy Hannah, you are SO talented! I adore this outfit! You are amazing, how do you find the time to do all you do PLUS sew the latest fashions for your precious babies? Beth: this blog is my new favorite thing!!!

  8. This post makes me actually wish I knew how to sew. Because these clothes you make are so much cuter than what money can buy, Beth. You truly have a gift.

  9. We all have those pity parties! Especially after babies are added. Hard stuff adjusting to!!! I love this outfit, and I'd love to know how you modified the hosh pants because these are the best!

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