Flip this Pattern: Crisp in Cargo

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Hey all!  I'm flipping out ;) that I get to be here to share my flip of the Brownie Goose Hattie Pattern!  The pattern is great on it's own, but it's always fun to shake things up a bit.

When I first saw the pattern, I knew exactly how I wanted to do to it.  Make a cargo jacket.  Because they're super cute and hip to the jive, right?  Plus they keep you warm and all that.  Around here, the fall weather brings a crisp chill to the air, making a light jacket a necessity. Ok really, that last sentence was just a fancy way of me telling you that if you don't wear a jacket, you'll freeze.  This is Idaho people!

So after a little planning, adjusting, and testing I came up with something that I'm pretty happy with. 

A Crisp in Cargo jacket.
The first thing I did for this "flip" was literally to flip the pattern around.  I noticed that Veronica did that did that last week too.  Great minds and all that. ;)  
I sewed a size 3 tunic, but lengthened it so that it was longer than the original tunic, but not quite as long as the dress size.  I also added an inch to each of the "front" pieces, so that there would be plenty of room.
Because it warms up later in the day, I wanted Lila to be able to feel like she could wear this jacket zipped or unzipped and still have it look cute. I went for a heavy duty gold jacket zipper for the front.  Because Lila approves of gold.  She's so glamorous.
For a collar with a little feminine flare, I opted to turn the ruffled neck down with matching bias tape for a clean edge.  
I took 1.5 inches off of the sleeves, so that they'd be more fitted and a little less flowy to match the style of the jacket.  I also ommitted the gathered sleeve with the cuff.  But instead of getting rid of the cuff, I made it the same width as the sleeve and topstitched it before the sleeves were sewn together.  No reason really, just for some visual interest.  
After everything was hemmed, I added a casing inside the jacket and put a shoelace through with button holes on either side.

 Then I added buttons to each side of the string and knotted it so that they'd stay in place.  This was my favorite part because it added another touch of girliness to the jacket.  

By the way the fabric that I used is technically not "cargo" fabric.  It's an army green stretch demin, but the way that it stretches is so perfect for a jacket, I just couldn't resist.  

So here's a summary of all the changes....just in case there's a pop quiz at the end of this or something....
And that's my flip!  Thanks FrancesSuzannefor having me!

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