Frozen Costume Inspiration: Anna

It's kinda cute how Madelyn loves Anna.  Not sure why she gravitated towards Anna over Elsa.  But then again, she's only two and I'm not really ever sure what goes on in the mind of this particular two year old.  Like when I come into the kitchen to find her standing on the counter dipping wet crayons into a cup of water and tasting them, I just have to tell myself, "She's two and two year olds are crazy."  Oh wait, sorry, this is a post about Anna, not about the fact that my two year old thinks wet crayons are a delicacy.  Pardon me.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Madelyn really likes Anna.  She says her name all the time, "Anna, Anna, Anna!" in a demanding sort of way.  As if she's expecting the real Anna to appear out of thin air or something.

So you can imagine her delight when she saw her very own Anna dress.  In all its simplified glory.

She took to the dress quite nicely.  The bottom skirt is a circle skirt, just like Elsa's, attatched to a blue shirt that I sewed using a shirt of Madelyn's as a guide.

Then I used the geranium pattern to make the black top and I lined it with gold knit.  Of course, it wasn't perfectly accurate and kind acted more like a sweater than it was supposed to, but it is just a costume after all.

I don't have a cutting machine, so cutting by hand had to be simple and you can bet I wasn't gonna take the time to embroider.  So literally at 2:30 on Halloween afternoon, I cut out a few simple Ana dress-ish stencils out of freezer paper stencils, and painted them on in whatever colors where available.  I told Superman they look like a green bull horn to me, but did Madelyn care?  Of course not.  She eats crayons for a living.  Whoops!  There I go bringing up crayons again.  Sorry sorry.

For the cape thing I just cut out a long rectangle with a rounded top, folded the rounded part over and sewed on some pom pom ish trim.  Then I sewed a button on one side and an elastic loop on the other.

Again, none of this was technically acurate, but boy this girl was happy.  And the hand-me-down boots from Target definitely added just the right Anna touch.  ;)

Halloween was one swell night for this gal.  She definitely stuffed some chocolate in her faaace!

{All fabric from my stash or from Joann Fabric & Crafts.}

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