Frozen Costume Inspiration: Baby Olaf

Still munching on old Halloween candy here.  It's therapeutic as I write about a costume that almost knocked the sewing wind out of me.  Who'd have thought such a lovable little character could almost do me in?
The concept was easy enough, but I procrastinated and sewed it on Halloween.  That was the mistake.  I actually like sewing costumes, but I think next year if I sew any, I'll be doing it much earlier so that I can enjoy the day a little more.

I found a few Olaf ideas online and I was tempted to try peekaboo patterns free costume, but I felt like the pattern was meant for an older baby who could sit up and walk. Sophia is still a little thing and she's definitely wobbly.  SO I wanted to do a nice cozy sleeper style costume.
So I turned to a trusty old patterns and modified them to create a little Olaf.  I used the gernaium dress bodice {in size 3-6m} only I extended it down for quite a ways using an existing baby sleeper as my guide.  I sewed it all together in the same way that the pattern tells you to.  This made it so I didn't have to finish off any necklines or sleeves.  I also added a hood from this beach robe pattern.  Once it was all connected, I sewed the bottom of the front middle section {rst} about 5 inches leaving the top open so that I could get the baby in the costume.  I sewed some velcro on both sides so that it would close.
Then I sewed the bottom together from the left side to the right side.  It was four layers, so it took some moxy, but all in all it turned out.  I glued on the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and buttons.  And viola.  Olaf....the snowman/baby/goose/unicorn. ;)

It worked when she was sitting up and or when she was accompanied by her fellow Frozenee's.  Look! Superman conducting serious business as he finalizes our Halloween plans over the phone.

Because it's very scary stuff.
{Fabric was nike fleece sort of stuff from my Mom's stash.}  


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