Halloween 2014: For the love of Frozen

As a parent, it's funny how your life shifts from being wrapped around what you and your spouse like, to what your kids like.  When Superman and I were first married, it was about us.  And our popcorn.  We did our thing.  Which basically consisted of watching our edited version of The Office, sleeping, and enjoying hefty portions of steak for dinner.  We did not understand couples with kids who thought kid shows like Kung Fu Panda were funny.  We'd sit back in our holier than though-ish way thinking, "Listen to all those crazy people, quoting kids movies, watching kids movies, supporting the return of Strawberry Shortcake and all the other evil shows for kids."

Ok I'm exxagerating, but you get the picture, we were kid show snobs.  We were so sophisticated.

But then you become a parent and little by little, show by show, toy by toy, you become immersed in the beautifully colorful world of kidhood.

And suddenly kid stuff becomes funny.  You start thinking, "That movie is hilarious." Because your kids are laughing and you're laughing because they're laughing.  And you start quoting the movies in a "Gru" voice, you're downloading the soundtracks, and even singing the songs from your children's evil battery operated toys.  {Off the top of my head I'm thinking of "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple it's a rainbow!" from the picnic basket toy in the corner.}  And you learn to tolerate it for their sakes.

And then one day you face the twinkle twinkle little star music and think, "I actually like this stuff!" You notice shows and toys that teach your children a lesson, that slide in clever little bits of humor.   You think, "Aw, Charlie is so sweet to his sister Lola." or "Shucks, that Captain Hook just needs a friend.  Thanks Jake and his Crew." ;) And you x out the really really lame shows.  {Martha Speaks, I'm talkin' to you}

One day I said to a woman from my church. "Your daughter looks so much like Astrid from How to Train your Dragon."  And she looked at me like, "What?" She didn't know what I was talking about.  That's when I realized that she has teenagers and she doesn't watch kid shows.  She's in the horrible Vampire/teenage-drama/distopian-loving era.  That's a post for someday.....

And so while we're in this stage, we dress our kids up in costume from movies that they love and that we secretly enjoyed too.

And I'm sure I'll forget someday how much our world revolved around ridiculous movies that they loved.  But for now, I'll remember seeing how much Ezra giggles at Olaf and seeing Superman chuckle at the same time whenever Olaf says, "I've been impaled."

And who knows, maybe next year, we'll think outside the disney box.  :)  Hope your Halloween was fanstastico.  I'll leave you where I started; with the kids and Ezra doing whatever he's doing in this picture that makes me laugh.

Find all the DIY costumes:


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