Frozen Costume Inspiration: Kristoff

Apparently Kristoff is spelled with a K. Who knew right?  Probably Anne Shirley.  Remember?  Katherine with a K instead of a C?  Anyone?

Ok, fine.  I'll keep my stock of Anne quotes to myself.

I should probably start this costume explaination off by saying that I was hard pressed to get Ezra excited about being Kristoff.  He really wanted to be Hans.

"But Hans is the bad guy."

"Ya, I wanna be the bad guy."

We had that conversation at least 800 times.  But I won in the end because we watched Frozen and I showed Ezra that Kristoff really is cool because he cuts ice for a living and he has a reindeer..... {?}  Or I won because I pulled the mom card...something like that.

This costume was a little trickster.  Sewing strips of fur is my least favorite thing to do.  Officially.  Also sewing with sparkly tulle.  And cleaning toilets.  But let's move on.  In the end, I really thought Ezra looked pretty cute in his Kristoff get-up.  Even though I made the neck too wide and so the collar kept flopping down.  {Let's not focus on that.  or the fact that this next picture has no focus.  His face was just so cute.}

Peek-a-boo patterns has a pattern for Kristoff, but I wanted to add sleeves.  Becuase I really like to make things hard.  No but really, because it was in a size 2T and Ezra is 3T/4T and because I wanted sleeves that would be lined.  I figured that would contain the demon fur so that I didn't actually have to stitch it because it would be cushioned in between layers.

I used a shirt that fit him and just kid of winged it.  The entire thing is lined, so no exposed furry seams.  I lined the bottom of the collar and the front with fushia and purple knit with a zig zag stitch because that seemed Kristoffy  {read: easier to zig zag with knit}  It was the day before Halloween and I really didn't wanna go trim hunting, so I just used the fushia color and tied it around his cute little waist.  He wasn't crazy about the costume that night, but he owned it the next day.  I wish I'd thought to get some rope as a prop, but pshhh.  Who needs rope when you're trick or treating?

The hat I threw together right before we walked out the door.  It was a little tight, but I used an existing hat and just rolled with it.  He wore black sweat pants and a black turtle neck underneath.  Nice and cozy.  I only got a few normal pictures of that boy and he was gone.  So that's all I've got.

Not sure of this explanation was very helpful, but oh well.  You get to see a cute little Kristoff anyway.  :)

{PS. All fabric is knit or fleece from my stash.}

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