Frozen Costume Inspiration: Elsa

It's true.  Lila joined the ranks of all the other Elsa's who swarmed the streets on Halloween. Luckily she had this bright metallic knit that I used on top to be able to differentiate her from the rest of the snow queen pack. Whew! ;)
I don't know if I know another child as suited to be Elsa than Lila.  I mean, when the ol' Disney-machine came up with Frozen, it's like they used Lila's personality as a jumping point.  {All magical powers aside of course.}  PS, the chair in this picture kills me. :)  I didn't even notice it, but now.  Wow, a chair.  Shoulda moved that sucker....anyway...

Lila is a little stiff and formal and a touch serious, but she's very sweet and has quite a sense of humor once you get to know her. Takes her a minute to "warm up."  Get it?  Am I funny or what?
I'm not going to give a complete tutorial for this or any of the costumes this year because quite frankly, I ran out of time and tutorials take a lot outta me.

But I'll give a basic run down.  

I made a knit circle skirt for the base.  Because it's knit, I made some changes I extended the length to reach down to the feet and I made the opening smaller because it's knit and that's stretchy. 
For the shirt, I used one of Lila's knit shirts as a guide for the knit top and sleeves.  Then I used a contrasting sparkly/soft knit and continued with the pattern from the bottom of the armpit hole down. 
For the cape, I sewed it around the back and under the armpit once everything was finished.

And I sewed two ponytail holders to the bottom of each side of the cape, so that Lila could hold it up while she walked.  No sense giving her something to worry about when candy should be the only thing on the brain.  
I did not hem anything because it's knit and it's a cotsume.  fist pump.  

She's had this cotsume for almost 2 months and it has held up well.  That's the power of knit my friends.  

And that's it.  One Frozen costume explanation down and three to go.  

{All fabrics from Joann Fabric & Crafts} 


  1. Love! Just about the best Elsa I've seen. I really love what you did with the cape :) and her braid is especially perfect

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