Matinee Circle Peplum

This girl.  I can't even.  She's just so something.

She comes into our bedroom at 1am begging for milk, she practices winking in her spare time, and she adds "ee" to the end of everything.  Moon-ee, sad-ee, book-ee, lunch-ee.  You get the idea.  It's the age of adorable/stinker-ism.  You know.  The you just made a big mess but how can I be mad because you just gave me a big hug said, "Wawweee, Mommy" {that's Madelynese for sorry} and asked me if I'll "nuggle" you stage?  The best and the worst. :)

Plus her wild hair.  Oh Madelyn.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Except for when you poured paint on the brand new carpet.  I'd change that....

Chubby toddlers are so fun to dress, aren't they?  I especially love this particular squish in peplums, so I used the Matinee dress and drafted a circle peplum bottom to go with.  I love knit peplums, but cotton is so fun too!  {Fabric from Joann}

I've said it before, but this is a lovely pattern.  Jenn already has a ruffled peplum, but I wanted to switch things up by doing a semi-circle.  I just heart the way it hangs.  :)

I got carried away and stuck buttons down the whole thing.  {It wasn't really necessary, not sure why I did it that way??}

Anyway, I love this little squish of mine through the ups and downs of toddler-hood.  And the addition of a cute top definitely doesn't hurt her cause. :)

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