Minty merry & bright

I only sewed one Christmas dress this year.  It seems like favoritism, but really, all of the other kids had ample amounts of clothing and this girl keeps growing lengthwise.  So a Christmas dress went on my to do list.

I had this soft high quality gingham in my stash and it was lovely to sew with.  In the end, things turned out like I envisioned.  Sort of a seven brides for seven brothers meets Christmas 2014 or something.  ;)

I used the Caroline Party Dress sewed in size 4T.  It fit perfectly.

I decided to keep it simple and not do the peter pan collar option, but I had to add pockets.  This is Lila after all.

I always like to sew a Caroline.  {Look at me.  I'm on a first named basis with a pattern. What? :)} The instructions are clear and simple and the zipper tutorial is straightforward and the back matches up nicely.

All in all a successful sew. Lila loves how full the dress is and I think it'll last for a while.

I'll be honest with you.  I took these pictures in front of a funeral home....is that so disrespectful?  Yes.  But I couldn't pass up this minty ish background.  Please stop judging me right now.....No funerals were in session when I took pictures.  I promise!!

I feel like that took us to a weird level of truth.  Let's end this by saying that it's not looking like it will be a very white Christmas here in Idaho.  Weird.  It's been unusually warm, but I can't say that I mind much.  I'm sure God will bless us with triple the snow at some point this winter.  But snow or not, this is a beautiful time of year.  I love celebrating the Savior and I'm always thankful that everyone is a little kinder and a little bit nicer to each other at Christmas.  So Merry Christmas!  I hope your days are minty, merry, and bright!


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