Blue Ombre Heart Skirt

One of my favorite ways to upcycle is to add a little fabric paint.  I feel like it breathes new life into a plain shirt or skirt.  That being said, I don't like to go too crazy with paint because I've learned that too much paint can feel heavy and unnatural on some fabric.  And now reading that paragraph over again, I can't believe I spent that long typing about upcycling when I have 12 loads of laundry to fold. Priorities.  Honestly.

As part of the current de-stashing kick I'm on, I found the bottom half of a t-shirt.  Ya, just the bottom half.  What's up with that?  I'm honestly not sure why I had the bottom half of a t-shirt just hangin' in the stash.  But you know me.  I just can't throw anything away. So I made it into a quick little skirt for Lila.

And we love it.  ;)

The shirt wasn't very wide to begin with so it doesn't have a very full gather, but that's ok with me.  It's a little less frilly which is what my growing up girl has been liking more lately.

Although I didn't make a tutorial, it's pretty straight forward.  Measure the waist, add an inch, cut the elastic that length, sew a casing, thread the elastic through, sew the casing closed and boom you're done!  It helped that the shirt was already cut the perfect length for a skirt too.  You might wanna take that into consideration if you make one too.

For the heart I just used freezer paper, cut a heart and a little blue fabric paint. I kept adding white to each layer to give it the ombre look and once it was dry I sealed it with the iron.  Hot dog!

One more item to check off the project de-stash list!


  1. I HEART your model! She makes your clothing look like she stepped out of a Gap store or something.

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