February Free for All: Free Mary Janes Pattern

We've been having unusually warm weather here.  But I'm resigned to the fact that we'll get snow in June or something.  So it will all even out in the end.  For right now, we're enjoying early spring.  

Either way, Sophia is at the age where she should have shoes of some sort.  She's not interested in moving at all, but those chubby little toes oughta be covered.  So I decided to make some baby shoes as a part of the FranceSuzanne's February Free for All.  
Tons of free patterns for the month of February!  What?  A month full of all the free patterns in all the land is something I can easily get behind.  Easily.  And free baby shoes.  Perfect use of the scraps in my stash.   
I used the free Mary Jane Shoes Baby Pattern  from The Cottage Mama.  

I've come to the conclusion that sewing tiny-ish things is not my forte.  However, if you're going to sew some, this is a great pattern.  
The pattern comes in 6-12m, but she tells how you can increase the pattern up or down a size.  I found that the size as is fit my 7 month old.  My apologies for not being able to give you proof of that.  My model was napping.  ;)
I did a band of elastic of the gray ones, just for fun.  They're a little bit harder to get on, but they still work.  
I covered the buttons with fabric on this. I kind of love it.  
And these are my personal fave.  All the fabric was linen from Joann by the by.   
So a real quick run down of pros and cons.  

>The finished product is very cute and it's true to size in my experience.  
>Fairly easy to sew once you get going.  

>It's harder to sew small things, so it makes the sewing a little more difficult.  
>You have to be extra precise.  That might not be a con for someone else. :)

Some tips I have after sewing these:
>When I printed, I made sure that I didn't fit the pattern to the page.  I think it made a difference in the overall size of the bootie.  
>Use the interfacing.  Stiff fabric makes for a sturdier shoe.  
>Follow the instructions.  Just follow them.  Sometimes I try to veer off the pattern path and do my own thing, but baby shoes are so tiny you don't have as much room for error.  

Overall, I feel like these are worth it to sew.  Especially because it's a free pattern.  Nothin' beats free, my friends.  
You can check out all the FREE patterns over at Frances Suzanne!


  1. The baby shoes are precious! I love the sunny yellow pair.:)

  2. Ohhhh, those are precious!! Our smallest niece NEEDS some of these.....seriously!!! And she falls into that size range exactly...

  3. Be serious. Could I make these little shoes? I want to learn!


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