A pink Valentines Dress

Look!  Superman and I have other children besides Lila!  It probably seems like I favor her handmade clothes wise.  And I do.  Sort of.  But I'm really thinking of all of the girls when I make something. Because Madelyn gets the hand-me-downs and Sophia gets the hand-me-downs of the hand-me-downs.  {It's the lot of the third girl. And being a third girl myself, I'm well aware of hand-me-down-downs.}  Ezra of course, is a different story, but that's a post for another day.

But today is a Sophia day.  Because every once in a while, every girls needs a new dress.  That hasn't been hammered by an older sister.  Plus a pink one for Valentines Day and throw in a book to chew on. This girl's in heaven.

I think the last time I did a Sophia post was when she had loads of hair.  Well now, she has a spout.

Hair loss is common with my girls.  But I'll take it because it usually comes in curly and I love that.

Thanks to a push from KCW and Project De-stash, I found this old pink t-shirt that I bought for $1. A dress for a buck is a steal of a deal I'd say.  I used a dress Sophia had to make a little pattern and viola, a little tiered dress for my love chub.

I didn't do a tutorial, but I've looked up a few references for making shirts and tiered skirts. Just combine the two and you're in business my friends.  Anyway, back to this baby. She's just so sweet.  I wish I could put it into words.  She's just precious to us.

I know it's common for mama's to think that their baby is the sweetest in all the land, but this one is definitely a keeper.  :)

Can't help but love her, drool and all.  


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