A tough DTR and Project De-stash

I had to have a real heart to heart with some of my clothes recently.  It was tough.  I sat them down and I was like, "Guys.  Listen.  I really like you.  You're great.  I just don't think either of us are getting what we need out of this relationship.  It's not you it's me.  I've changed and you guys have stayed the same.  I think it's time to let go."

Of course we had lots of crying and we spent some time walking down memory lane.  "Remember when we spent so much time together in high school together?  You were my favorite.  And remember that college class.  Good times....but seriously.  Get out of my drawer."  

I kid, but really.  After four babies and fluctuating sizes up and down, it was time to face the music that my body has changed.  And even if I still squeeze into some of the same clothes, they just don't quite "fit" in the same way they used to. Plus, quite frankly, some of them were never that flattering to begin with.  Hip hugger jeans, I'm talkin' to you. 

So I made two nice little piles of clothes.  One pile to be given away and one to be cut up and made into clothes for the kidlets.  

And so I thought I'd show you what I do with my clothes.  In hopes that it might inspire someone else!  My very own little:
Tune in tomorrow to see who's on the chopping block!

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