I always thought I'd have a lot of boys.  I just saw myself as a mother of boys type of mama.  I sort of figured that Lila would be my only girl.

And then we had Madelyn.  And then we had Sophia.  And all the sudden Superman and I looked around and realized we've got girls galore.  Not to mention the boat load of teenage drama-hood waiting for us in years to come...but we won't focus on that.

For now, I feel blessed that God gave me girls even when I didn't know that's what I needed.  I love them, and I usually love the side that they bring out in me.  Usually.  :)

I also love sewing for them.  I sewed a few "coordinating" dresses for them right before I had Sophia.

Sophia's is a 0-3 m. geranium {of course} tulle and polka dot fabric from Joann.

Precious little baby doll.  She's been about the best little baby of all time.

And here is the back of the dress because I love little gold buttons.

Madelyn's is a modified geranium.

  Size 2T bodice.  I added the bow and pleated the front so that the dress opened where the bow was placed.

This girl by the way.  She's like a monster/ball of cuteness/adorable/tasmanian devil/little rascal all mixed into one little body.

I self drafted Lila's dress.  I wanted to try out the high-low trend.

And unfortunately I made the "high" a little too high, so crochet lace to the rescue!  :)

I started a tutorial on it, but didn't really give myself time to perfect it, so I'm just giving you the final product.  Sorry!  I will say that I just used an existing dress.  It's a dolman style so no attached sleeves which made it quick.  And the little "shirring" at the waist gives it a cute touch.  Or I'm just telling myself that.  I dunno.  :)

  All in all, Lila loves it, so that's what matters, right?  {fabric and lace from Joann.}

Love my little girly-girls.  We'll see how lovable they are in 12 years. ;)


Geraniums for days.

When I was a few months along with Sophia last year, I got on a geranium kick.....again.... I sewed like a million.

Or ten.  Something like that.  ;)

To say that I've used this pattern to death is an understatement.  It's definitely worth it's weight in gold.  I sewed up a bunch of them in assemble line style and it was really fun.  Some of them turned out well and some of them were a little sloppy, but I liked the results either way.

This one was my personal fave.  With my personal favorite little Sophia in it.

I sewed all the geraniums in all sorts of sizes.  That's what I love about this pattern.  It ranges from size newborn and beyond.  Most dresses seem to start at 12m, so this pattern is definitely useful for new babies.

When I put the chevron emerald green combo together, I was like, man I like this color combo.  Why do I love this combo?  And I looked at my phone cover and realized it's the exact same combination.  Gray and white chevron with emerald green accents.  So now Sophia matches my phone.  We're cool like that...


I sewed this one in 0-3 and pleated the bottom a little because I didn't have enough of the material that the pattern called for originally.

And I've been saving these little gold heart buttons for like five years.  No joke.  They needed to go somewhere special.  Am I the only one who has button hoarding issues?  Anyone?!?

I'm not showing her in all of the geraniums that I made because it would kinda be overload and I gave  quite a few of them away.  It's not new news or anything, but I just wanted to say that I think the Geranium pattern is worth its weight in gold if you're looking for a good pattern.  You'll just have to take my word for it, or go sew it for yourself and you'll see!  ;)
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