I always thought I'd have a lot of boys.  I just saw myself as a mother of boys type of mama.  I sort of figured that Lila would be my only girl.

And then we had Madelyn.  And then we had Sophia.  And all the sudden Superman and I looked around and realized we've got girls galore.  Not to mention the boat load of teenage drama-hood waiting for us in years to come...but we won't focus on that.

For now, I feel blessed that God gave me girls even when I didn't know that's what I needed.  I love them, and I usually love the side that they bring out in me.  Usually.  :)

I also love sewing for them.  I sewed a few "coordinating" dresses for them right before I had Sophia.

Sophia's is a 0-3 m. geranium {of course} tulle and polka dot fabric from Joann.

Precious little baby doll.  She's been about the best little baby of all time.

And here is the back of the dress because I love little gold buttons.

Madelyn's is a modified geranium.

  Size 2T bodice.  I added the bow and pleated the front so that the dress opened where the bow was placed.

This girl by the way.  She's like a monster/ball of cuteness/adorable/tasmanian devil/little rascal all mixed into one little body.

I self drafted Lila's dress.  I wanted to try out the high-low trend.

And unfortunately I made the "high" a little too high, so crochet lace to the rescue!  :)

I started a tutorial on it, but didn't really give myself time to perfect it, so I'm just giving you the final product.  Sorry!  I will say that I just used an existing dress.  It's a dolman style so no attached sleeves which made it quick.  And the little "shirring" at the waist gives it a cute touch.  Or I'm just telling myself that.  I dunno.  :)

  All in all, Lila loves it, so that's what matters, right?  {fabric and lace from Joann.}

Love my little girly-girls.  We'll see how lovable they are in 12 years. ;)


  1. Bethany, I love these dresses!! And I love your girls!! You are a rockstar

  2. 1) I love the pleat in Madelyn's dress! Such a cute touch (like I know what I'm talking about--just sharing my humble O.)
    2) I love Lila's dress! I want one like that...And I like that the hi-lo isn't too drastic. I think it looks funny when the low part hangs almost to the ground. Very cute! And
    3) of course I love Sophia and her polka dot dress! Didn't want her to feel left out. :)


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