Wild Boy

Hey look!  I have a son!  What??

It's been a while since Ezra got any face time on the blog.  It's not because I don't love the boy. Because I do. Obvs.  I just find that I really like to buy boys clothes.  I think they're cute.  Boys are fun to dress and I can't usually find the material that I want to create the boy clothes that are in my minds eye.

But today is all about that boy.

Because it's Kids Clothes Week and the theme is Wild Things.  I mean, what's more wild than a little boy?  :)

Boys are just the best.

Sure get a little crazy-town and need a good wrestle every once in a while, but we love having a son in this house.  Recently, some friends of ours noticed that we call Ezra "boy."  Just Boy.  I didn't even realize that we did that, but I guess that's kind of the lot of being the only boy in the family.  They get the lone title of BOY.

It's a solitary world, but Ezra bears it as best he can and he claims sole possession of all things "boyish."   Plus Ezra adds a level of stability to our family to balance out all that girly drama.

And as wild as this boy gets, he can be the sweetest little fellow on the planet.  Long live the boy!

Top: Anytime at all Tee // Cotton/Poly Knit (thrifted)
Shorts: KID Shorts // Cotton (Hobby Lobby)
Shoes: Similar

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