Brownie Goose Hattie Dress/Tunic Review

I pretty much go running approximately once a year.  Today was the day.  It was a big event.  I woke up, literally dusted off the neon laces of my running shoes and out the door I ran, then walked, then ran, then walked etc.  I went for a mile, came home to the kids celebrating my run by holding balloons leftover from a birthday party.  Superman was very proud and tried to feign astonishment at how quickly I ran that mile.  We ate our breakfast of champions {oatmeal}.  After which, I preceded to lay down on the couch convinced that I was going to die.  And now I'm exhausted. The coughing and wheezing that's occurred for the rest of the day has served as an excellent reminder as to why I only do this once a year.

Naturally, that story held no purpose to this post.  Just my inner need to search for validation, I'm sure.  ;)

Back when I did Flip this Pattern, I practiced sewing up The Hattie Dress by Brownie Goose, so I thought I'd share what I thought about the pattern.

In my humble opinion, one of the biggest things going for this pattern it's cute semi-vintage vibe.  Tunic or dress, it felt very Brady Bunch but modern enough that it still works.

The collar was a fun twist on a normal collar.

And I always like when a pattern uses cotton just because I have so much of it in my stash.  I also thought the front pleat was functional and cute.  The back is held closed by a button and elastic, which was simple to attach.

The sleeves were also cute and I liked the little gather + cuff on the end made for a more professional finish.

I did recieve the pattern for free as part of Flip this Pattern, but these are my thoughts, free or not.  :)

Easy to understand instructions
Cute pattern and unique pattern.  {Not like a lot of other patterns}
Uses cotton which is easy to sew with
Fit was accurate {a little on the loose side, but that's the style of the pattern}

Honestly, I don't even know if this counts as a con, it's not a pattern that I would normally sew with, if that makes sense.  I tend to gravitate towards knit based patterns. That's not really the patterns fault.  I just usually opt for a different style, but the style of the pattern can easily be modified and it's a fun sew!

Overall, I feel like it's a cute pattern.  I made a dress for Lila and a few tunics for Madelyn and they've held up well!


  1. Cute little Cindy Brady! This is darling. I'm guessing the collar is tricky, but you make it sound easy!

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