I wish I was cool enough to be all chill when I get asked to participate in sewing extravaganzas.  But no.  I'm not there yet.

So it will come as no surprise to you that when I got an email from Jess & Celina asking me to participate in STYLO 4 I thought I was dead.

No really.

I thought I had died and gone to sewing heaven.  I tried to stay calm. I tried tell Superman nonchalantly, but I think everything came out in high pitched squeaks.  And consequently, he's had to deal with a wife who's been running around like a chicken without a head for the last few weeks....

But perhaps my geekiness is making you uncomfortable.  Let's bring it in.

Nope.  Can't.  Here's the thing.  STYLO is a magazine I've admired ever since the first issue came out.  It's a beautiful inspiration--not a competition, just creative sewing.  Perfect!  I am secretly convinced that I was emailed by mistake.  But you'd better believe that I wasn't gonna let them know they emailed the wrong girl.  Darn it, I'm gonna pull a Cinderella, go to the ball and wear those glass slippers come heck or high water!

The theme of this issue was high fructose.  Such fun!  And as part of the fruit category, I went with a citrus theme.

The biggest challenge of the whole thing {aside from getting my kids to look immeasurably happy} was that it wasn't super warm or green here in Idaho yet.

But my kids were troopers about pretending it was the warmest summer day ever!  I combined the citrus with a little slice of urban and came up with URBAN CITRUS.  Very clever, I know.  ;)

For the record, I was trying to be a fair mom so I originally included Sophia.

But as you can see, she was focused on two things: fruit and drooling on her dress ....so she got to go suck on her lemon behind the scenes. ;)

Hop over to STYLO4 to see more and be ready to be inspired by all the sewers in the land!  I promise it'll make you happy.  :)

And as an extra bonus, get 10% off at Girl Charlee & Micheal Levine Fabrics in celebration of STYLO4!  (Look through the magazine for details)  Woot Woot!

Now off you go and let the sewing eye candy begin!


  1. YOU ARE SO FAMOUS!!!!! I'm more than impressed by these cute clothes and how the photo shoot turned out. Toot your horn, please! I love to see your talents in action!

  2. Absolutely stunning citrus colors, fabulous props, and beautiful clothing! You are the most creative girl on the planet!

  3. I LOVED your spread, Bethany! It was all so amazing - the clothes, the styling, the photos - everything! Do you mind if I use one of your photos to share your peplum top in one of my posts?

    1. Thanks Abby! That is so sweet of you! :) Feel free to use my peplum top photos! I LOVE the pattern {I can't stop sewing peplums now!}

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