A Hawaiian Geranium

Once we were going to go to Hawaii.  
But the month that Superman was scheduled to go for work, just happened to be the same month that I was due with Madelyn.  Obvs it didn't happen.  We got a beautiful, healthy baby instead.  

A fair trade....despite what some would say ;)

There's a time and a season for everything.  At least that what wise, old people are always telling me.  So right now I guess our season is full of sleepless nights, faces covered in spaghetti sauce, baby snuggles, teething, yelling, all the kids at home all the time.  It's crazy and sometimes just downright hard, but intermixed with all the chaos are moments of pure, indescribable joy. The kind of joy that creates fulfillment that a grand vacation could never replace.  We could travel the world, but being at home with these little ones is a kind of adventure that I wouldn't trade for all the trips to Hawaii.   
But someday, I'd still like to go to Hawaii. {Also, spot the peacock photobomb!  :)}
For now, I'll settle with watching this little doll discover dirt for the first time in her Hawaii inspired dress. 
It's a geranium dress {of course}.  Sophia fits perfectly in a 6-12 m, but I purposely made this one a little bigger {12-18} so that it would be a little more loose {like a muu muu}.  
The fabric is from my moms stash {she's very sweet to share with me}.  It's a nice gauzy cotton that must have been pretty high quality because it sewed up like a dream.  
Sophia was being very congenial when we took these pictures.  
I guess she's pretty cute.  I guess.  :)
Let's face it, no matter where we travel, we'll never find a souvenir this perfect.  
I think we'll keep her.  
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