Blinded by the light

First of all.  Check the farmers tanning goin' on up in here.  Like check it.  Superman and I are raising legit Idahoans.  ;)

Second.  Happy June 1st.  May all your summery dreams come true.

And third.  Swimsuits.  This is like straight up scruffy nerf herder of me, but I really dig making swimsuits for my girls.  I like to customize them.  My girls like picking out their own material and they get all tickled when they get their own one of a kind suit.  That being said, I don't know that I'll do this swimsuit making stuff every year, but it's a great option when you missed last year's swimsuit sale and you can get the fabric at a discount price.  Plus you have all the swimsuit elastic from last year.


The best part about a swimsuit is that while it's not the easiest thing to sew, I'm discovering that it's definitely not the hardest.  So what I'm saying is that it's attempt-able.

I love peplums and I'm a huge fan of the Pretty in Peplum pattern, so I  did a little hack and turned it into a swimsuit.

Plus another swimsuit.  

I made a few notes on each one that I thought I'd record.  For posterity....but really just for me next year when I'm sure to forget what I did.

  • Sew using a double needle or a stretch needle with a zigzag stitch.  I used a simple zigzag on these.
  • Take off 1-2 inches from both sides of the shirt so that it fits tighter like a swimsuit.
  • Don't do a facing, just turn the neckline wrong sides together and zig zag around the neckline.
  • Omit sleeves.  Simply turn the arm holes under wrong sides together and zig zag around
  • Use the dress length of the shirt for a higher peplum top. (like the bright coral suit)
  • or leave the the shirt length for a longer suit top (like the light pink/purple suit) 
  • Use swimsuit elastic for the neckline and clear elastic for the arm/leg holes.  Gently pull the elastic while you sew.  Don't pull so tight that you ruffle the fabric, just pull it enough to make the opening a little smaller.  You still want it to have a little "give" so that it will lay nicely.  You can tell that Lila's top wasn't pulled enough so it's a little loose.  I unpicked and re-did that after pictures.  :)

I drafted the bottoms myself and while they don't look amazing in the pictures since they're covering a lumpy diaper, they actually turned out pretty well.

These are tankini style so potty trips/diaper changes will be a breeze....I mean as easy as potty trips and diaper changes can be, right?

Happy swimming!  My little girlies will be blinding all other pool goers for the rest of the summer.  

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