African Safari Shirt

Deep in the heart of Africa.....

Just kidding.  The farthest we're going this summer is to our local zoo.  Still fun.  And much easier than travelling half way across the globe.

Our zoo has a fun little African exhibit with birds, zebras, lions, and a little excavation/discovery tent.

Ezra loves his new shirt.  Ezra is always highly gratified when I sew him things and he has officially announced that he will wear his "animal shirt" whenever we go to the zoo.

The fabric and the boy blend perfectly in the wild.  :)

When I saw this fabric in mama's statch, I had to snatch it up.  Little rinos, elephants, tigers, giraffes, lions, hippos, and zebras?  Don't mind if I do.  It reminded me of my Grandpa who served an LDS mission to Africa in the 40's.  He and my Grandma later served two more missions there.  They loved Africa and there's always a little part of me that would like to go there.  But for now we'll settle for shirts inspired by the place and weekly trips to the zoo.  :)

This shirt was a particular challenge for me because I've had "sew a collared dress shirt" on my sewing bucket list foreeeever.  I bought the Classic Oxford button up ages ago, but I've been a little nervous to jump into uncharted sewing territory.  I really wanted to make this kinda funky fabric into something special for my little man.

And you know what?  It wasn't too bad.  Sure I had to re-read instructions over a few times and carefully study the pictures, because that's just how my brain works.  But truth be told, I'm excited to sew more.  So yay for that.

Turns out sewing a collar when you have a pattern + instructions isn't as hard as I thought....go figure.

Classic Oxford Button Up // old fabric

kid's clothes week

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