Lollipops and imagination

Every night, Lila is at odds with her imagination.  
She claims she doesn't have one.  

And when I say "bologna" she admits to having one, but claims she doesn't know how to use it.  

I proceed to point out that she used her imagination just this morning when she pretended that her stuffed tiger was eating breakfast with us.  Superman will mention that she makes sure that her imaginary friend Frella is buckled in her seat belt, every time we drive in the car.  

"That's not my imagination.  That's just me playing pretend" she'll answer tearfully as she falls asleep.  I try not to laugh.  To her this is a big deal and she's obviously not hearing herself.  Plus she's tired.  In the morning, she wakes up happy and she believes that she has an imagination again.  
I guess the moral of this story is that sleep fixes everything.  :) 
As you can see the cosi dolce shirt lives on.
I made some Kid shorts from MADE for summertime to go with.
I always like Dana's straightforward patterns and the options are limitless.  I added pockets inside out of the floral leftover from this dress.  It's a fun little peekaboo {leftover fabric from this dress} and Lila always loves pockets.  :)
The outer fabric is a seer sucker from Joann.  Lila is into tucking in certain shirts lately, so whatevs....
A happy imaginative summertime outfit.  :)  
KID Shorts//Old Seer Sucker Fabric
Skipper Top//Knit from Joann

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