On anchors

Matinee Dress pattern (modified slightly) // chambray fabric from walmart // anchor stamp by me // shoes // anchor buttons old from joann
Sometimes I wonder how much time I've spent being my own anchor.  Weighing myself down with worries about what I look like, "was that a dumb thing to say?", would it be stupid if I did ________, I'm not cool enough to do _________, I'm not as good at that as _______, so why should I even try?  

.....that's just a tiny glimpse into my own personal anchor.  :)  
Having confidence is something I've struggled with since I was a kid.  Who am I kidding?  I still struggle with it.  I'm sure everyone does on some level.  It's not something I'm proud of, but it's something that I deal with everyday.  

But the more I remind myself to get out of my own way, the better.  Sometimes you just gotta slap that bad self esteem in the face and just get over myself.  I am such a happier person when I just set sail and let go of what doesn't matter.  Because really, who cares?  How much time have I wasted worrying about myself when I could have been enjoying myself and then helping others be happy? 

Every time I face my doubts and try to defy them, I get stronger and I grow more confident in my abilities.  I find myself feeling more comfortable in my own skin.   

I was thinking about that when I made this dress.
I stamped the chambray with an anchor stamp that I carved out of an eraser.
It serves as a visual reminder to not weighing myself down with what doesn't matter.  Plus Lila really likes the dress because it's lightweight and comfy.  So win win.  :)
Happy sailing!

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