Art Week: Day 1

Day 1 is simple.  We busted out the chalk and went back to the days of the cave man er... more of a modern twist on the cave art.  Preeeeetty sure they didn't have bright pink chalk in those days.  ;)
Today's challenge/inspiration is to look at the origins of art.  I showed the kids cave drawings  and then let them make "cave art" of their own. (Outside of course).
We also talked about how people would have to use nature to show their art.  So we made designs out of rocks, sticks, and plants.  
I also let the kids mash up some of the leaves with rocks to make a sort of primitive paint.  This kept them very busy, but I think helped them appreciate how difficult it would have been to mix paints back in the day.  Also color is a bid thing here.  We talked about how early artists would not have access to "colorful" materials.  

And that's that.   It kept us busy for a good hour, and we even had some of the neighbor kids come chalk with us.  Spreading the art love.  :)  
Not sure what art week is about?  Check out this post and this post to catch up and follow on Instagram to play along!  See you tomorrow!


  1. What a fun simple idea! So fun!!!

  2. You're so creative and funny. Love this idea... I'm totally gonna do it. Ps I'm jealous of ur photography skillssss... Creative again!


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