Art Week: Day 2

The fact that my kids have very limited attention spans forced me to narrow down which artists and how many artists we would be talking about this week.  I mean, when you've got a 5, 4, 2, and 1 year old, you've gotta lower your expectations keep it simple. ;)  

That's why today's challange focuses on Leonardo Da Vinci (specifically the Mona Lisa).  I let my kids look at the picture of Mona Lisa and list what colors they could see.  Then I let them pick those specific colors out of our colored pencil box.  No bright blues or pinks today.  Just simple muted tones.  Brown, black, dark green, navy blue, dark red, and a little yellow.  
As you show your kids Mona Lisa, talk to them about how people didn't have cameras in Da Vinci's day (this was a novel concept to my kids) so the only way they could remember what someone looked like was through pictures that they painted or drew.  We talked about how still you would have to sit in order to have your portrait painted.  And then we practiced the art of portrait sitting by sitting still for 30 whole seconds (also a novel concept for my children).  :)  
Then they got to draw their own Mona Lisa.  They were so proud of their portraits.  :)  I like to think Leo would be proud too...or appalled.  
And that was all for Day 2.  Like I said, nice and simple.  See you tomorrow for a field trip!    

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